How To Tell What Type Of Chassis A Truck Runs


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I may sound stupid, or be one of the few on here who cant totally tell the style of chassis trucks runs. But I was wondering if somebody could tell me. And also what types of chassis all the Feld drivers run, because I think alot of the Indies runs their own (I may be wrong). Thanks

PS- Please no bashing or calling me an idiot for not knowing this


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With the exception of Tom & Neil's Max D's & the Meents El Toro, the majority of the Feld drivers run either an older Patrick Enterprise chassis (PEI), a CRD chassis, a Cohan chassis or a Racesource chassis. Most of the newer trucks are the CRD/Cohan design. The main area to see what kind of chassis a truck might be is to look at the main rail of a truck and the craddle (from the side it is the lowest point). A PEI chassis has a shorter craddle then the CRD, Racesource & Cohan chassis. A Meents/Williams chassis will have a single main rail, while the main 3 other designs have a 2nd rail with a mild bend after the tires. A CRD, Racesource & Cohan all have a similar cradle & the only way to tell if it's a Racesource is the shockmounts. A Racesource has trianglular shock towers, while a Cohan/CRD has arched. I wish I had some pictures to explain what I'm saying as it would be easier to show it, but hopefully someone will post some. The only difference that I know of between a Cohan & a CRD is that CRD uses a blue-print in a computer to cut, bend & weld the tube to chassis, after that someone would have to explain or show the visual differences.


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If you look at the front of the Chassis you'll see a rectangular box with one tube on each corner. Also a square hitch receiver in the center that is a Patrick Chassis. CRD have a rounded front of the frame almost like a bumper or nerf bar. Anything else is pretty much custom made. Go to Patrick Enterprises or Samson 4x4 to get a good look. I should note their are Patrick design chassis's out there. Which makes them Patrickesque chassis, but custom built by their owner. Patrick Chassis's are the majority chassis trucks use today.


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Perhaps some pictures would help you out. There are a ton of chassis' out there that are privately-made that would be pretty time consuming to list. Some are crazy odd-balls, while some of them look fairly close to more mass-produced units. That makes it tough for even a seasoned eye. I went to more than 20 show weekends and saw dozens of trucks last year, and I struggle with it from time-to-time. Just know that many of these designs are ever-evolving, and therefore look a bit different today than they did even just a couple years ago. This is by no mean exhaustive, but meant to start the ball rolling, so-to-speak:

Concussion Motorsports: (chassis at their shop...truck is currently close to being finished by its owner) (High Maintenance 2) (Same truck, finished) (Bigfoot 18) (Bigfoot 21...from the Bigfoot FB page)
Other examples: River Rat, Wicked Sickness, Walking Tall, etc., plus a few soon-to-be unveiled

CRD: (Bigfoot 19...from the Bigfoot FB page) (Bounty Hunter black)
Other examples: I am sure someone knows them better than I. I don't follow Monster Jam as much, but I know quite a few of theirs' are CRDs.

Patrick Enterprises: (Illuminator. photo from their FB page...was a Virginia Giant truck) (Creten's Bounty Hunter) (Obsession) (Crushstation) (Tailgator and Big Dawg) ( of the newest ones out there, and frankly, muddies the water with a couple other designers...from Kevin post's FB page)
Other examples: about a billion...well, not that many, but too many to list here

Team Beast Works: (Heavy Hitter) (Lucas Oil Stabilizer/Holman'sBeast) (a MUCH older design from them. Currently, Ironman/The General)

Jim Koehler-designed: (Krazy Train) (Avenger)
Other examples: Aftershock

Willman-style: (Incinerator) (Maverik Trakker)
Other examples: Max D, Meents' El Torro Loco, Hurricane Force 1/Taurus racer, Nitemare, more?

Racesource/Pablo Huffaker design: (Brutus/General Tire) (Time Flys)
Other Pablo trucks: Devastator/Felon, Digger #16 (Pablo's), more I am sure

To contrast the last set, this is Pablo's first tubeframe that was once his Digger truck:

There are a few of these left, but not many. This is what is known as a "Woodcock-style" design, after Terry Woodcock. Not sure if either was actually built by Terry...maybe both are...I don't know: (The General) (Martial Law 1)
Other examples: Bar's Leak Eliminator, Bucked Up, I think that is I wrong anyone?

Randy Barton: (Stinger)
Other examples: the new Boogey Van

These are some examples of custom/private designs. (Rockstar) (Lil' Miss Dangerous/High Maintenance 1/Whatever the new owner is calling it) (King of the Hill) (Gun Slinger) (Tuff-E-Nuff) (Razin' Kane) (Ghost Ryder 2)
Other examples of customs: Barbarian 1 & 2, California Kid, Maximum Overkill, Big Dummy, etc. etc. etc. This includes the pretty solid look-alikes. For example, I believe Rod Wood's newest McGruff/El Perro Loco truck was his build, but fooled me into thinking it was a Patrick. Could be wrong, but I think that is what I was told

Large teams that build their own: Bigfoot (up until recently), Hall Brothers Racing (one of the Sudden Impact chassis' is an old HBR)

I don't have any good Cohen chassis (which are very similar to CRDs, from what I understand) shots, perhaps someone would be willing to post one or two. I am sure I am leaving something (read: things) out. Post pictures of other chassis designs to help out. One thing I am sure will happen is someone will correct something on my list. Like I said before, I have been fooled by this often.
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In case you wanted to add Cohens, a few examples are:

Monster Energy
Son Uva Digger
Wolverine (Alex Blackwell)
Lucas Oil Crusader
Grinder (Lupe Soza)

Some more CRDs:

Iron Man (Lee O'donnel)
Metal Mulisha
Maximum Destruction (Kreg Christensen)
Grave Digger #23 (CVH)
Captain America
El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald)
Grinder (John Seasock, Frank Krmel)

Cohens and CRDs are very similar, but there's a pretty simple way to tell them apart:

If you look at the rear shock mount on a CRD, the additional support tubes are at an angle (particularly the ones at the back). On a Cohen however, these additional tubes are vertical.

I highlighted the tubes in green so you can see the difference.



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Pretty informative stuff here. For those on Facebook, here's a group called "The Build-Up" and basically it's pics of "nude" monster trucks, both new tube trucks and old schoolers.
It's helped me find decent reference material for my projects on many occasions as well as just something cool to look at when I'm bored/looking for a project to try out.


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"I believe Rod Wood's newest McGruff/El Perro Loco truck was his build, but fooled me into thinking it was a Patrick. Could be wrong, but I think that is what I was told".........................It is a Newer Patrick


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Thank you guys so much for the replys, they've been extremely hepful. And thanks for no bashing for me not knowing. Thanks


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Everyone starts somewhere :)

To further the CRD/Cohen distinction, the way I usually tell is by looking at the nose. There's this neat little design on the front, between the frame rails, that I myself like to call the "bow tie". On a Cohen, this design is very low and "sleek-looking" to my eyes. However, on a CRD, it's a lot taller and is actually part of a bolt-on assembly.



In short, the CRD's "bow tie" is a lot taller-looking and bolts onto the front of the chassis, whereas the Cohen's is lower and is welded directly on. One exception is Adam Anderson's chassis - it's a Cohen through and through, yet the "bow tie" bolts on. I believe this chassis was the one that the CRD was based off of, but here I'm just giving examples based on the current designs.


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Yeah, although I myself wouldn't call #20's "accessories" "bow ties". I just call the CRD/Cohen things that because of how they looked.

Digger 20 has.. hmm... pushbars? Dunno :p



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I dabble in my spare time with replicating MT chassis's in model form. Have learned alot and have a big back catalogue of reference shots but to make its a bit easier I will just post shots of the chassis's naked in the modelling program I use:
This is a Racesource chassis that Chris Bergeron runs under Brutus, other people that run this style are King Krunch, El Matador, Patriot, Pablo Huffaker's Digger and the El Toro that travels with him (usually a Basl or Ryan Huffaker drives it). Pablo actually makes these chassis's

This is the newest style of chassis Tom Meents runs, Neil also got an upgrade to it a year or so back aswell

This is Grave Digger 19 was the grandpa of the inhouse design or what most people refer to them as Cohen because of fabricator Paul Cohen at the Digger shop.

Grave Digger 20 (inhouse/Cohen)

Grave Digger the Legend/Taz (inhouse/Cohen)

Son Uva Digger, Grave Digger 24/25 all run this layout of inhouse cohen design, generation 2

this one is an oddball, after the wreck at world finals 10 it was rebuilt into a Frankenstein truck. Originally a PEI chassis (first generation) with a custom cab area to fit the narrow Willy's body, it was given a inhouse treatment when it was rebuilt. (Captains Curse)

(please ignore the other models/props in this picture lol) This is the lastest style of inhouse chassis design, Monster Energy/Mohawk Warrior/Grave Digger 26/Wolverine (now Morgan Kane's Ironman) run this.

Now when Digger 19/20 and Adam's Taz/Grave Digger the Legend chassis were originally made, the style of chassis started to really catch on. This is when Tim Carroll (CRD=Carroll Racing Development) took measurements of Adam's chassis and designed a similar type chassis that could be mass produced. This took the strain off the Digger shop guys so they could focus on other things. So it is very similar to Cohen/inhouse designs but has a few differences which you will be able to spot comparing the two. Alot of MJ trucks use this chassis, Madusa, Metal Mulisha, two Grinder's and none MJ trucks also run this chassis, Bigfoot 19 (speed energy) Bounty Hunter (black) Rolling Thunder, etc

the more common chassis to see is the PEI style (Patrick Enterprise) these are made by Dan Patrick.
This is a first generation that is pretty old you can tell by the shock towers being triangles (most of the MJ trucks not have hoops over the top so they can run longer shocks, which they did not have way back. This is Charlie Paukens Grave Digger to give you an idea

There is a second generation of this chassis style with a updated shock tower layout aswell, this is a generic layout but you will be able to get the idea.

Then when the low center of gravity style chassis's (CRD, Cohen's) started popping up Dan designed one aswell, guess you can classify these as second generation (this is also a generic layout aswell):

There is another layout that Titan is running called a PEI XT (its basically a generation 2 PEI chassis with more bracing)

That covers a small spectrum of chassis's though, if you want me to keep posting just let me know I have 70+ chassis's I have replicated. Granted there are a few that run chassis's listed above but have differences to them (mainly cab area or body supports) depending usually on what body they plan to run.

Adam Connell

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That post was phenomenal man! Thank you x10!!

Have you ever taken measurements, or are these just based off of rough figures and pictures? What program are you using to do the designs?


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all my work is rough scale based on pictures I find and once I have them near completion I use bodies and other bits (engine, headers, etc) to help. The program I use is Blender for my modelling and most of it is used in Rigs of Rod for the website Sim-Monsters.
While I am here I might aswell post a few more:
Maniac (was Jurassic Attack)

California Kid

Bigfoot 10 and 11

Bigfoot 14, 15 and 16

Western Renegade


Concussion (Bigfoot 18/22)

Black Stallion

Bad Habit

Storm Damage/Hurricane Force


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Awhile back on Monster Blog radio Mark Hall was talking of a new/different Raminator chassis. Has that come out yet?


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I'm going to Greensboro this weekend I'll take some pics of the chassis and I'll post them here and ya'll can decide if its new or not. I'd say its possible, maybe his old Raminator chassis is now ran as Hotsy