I can't find these trucks anywhere. Tnt monsters 1990 battery operated


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I've been here 8 years and have 2 posts. Lol... Professional lurker....

I was digging in a box from when i was a kid and found these 1990 tnt monsters. I was a huge fan and had all the super chargers (still do, mint... All of them) and i had all these trucks I'm posting about.

So far I've found Carolina crusher, wild hair, and 1 other. I have all of them somewhere in another box. I usually check ebay when I'm digging through an old box to see if i hit the lottery or not (lol) and I'm VERY pleased with what the super chargers are going for right now (still holding out though), but i can't find anything on these anywhere. Searches just take me back to micro machines.

I'm feeling good about these.... Even though i haven't ever sold off any of my old things, i like to know where they stand. Anyone ever seen these being sold anywhere? Seem rare and hard to find anything on.

Direct links incase the thumbnails don't open. Some forums don't jive with postimage.org


Still going through boxes, but I'm finding some good stuff. I was 13 in 1990 and a fanatic of the tnt/penda series so i had EVERYTHING that was on the market. I've found stacks of vhs tapes from then i recorded and i watch youtube every day and know there are some races missing from the archives that i probably have. Just gotta find time to look.

Here's another box i dug up yesterday. Lol, i have the raisin's and an Original prime stuck in there.