Off-Topic Ideas for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live venues


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Does anybody have good ideas for venues Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live should do shows in?

My suggestions:
  • The Matthews Arena in Boston, Massachusetts - It seems good for a concrete-only show, but it is pretty small (at 6,000 seats). However, I can totally imagine a show in this venue.
  • The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Monster Jam has U.S. Bank Stadium as their venue, and no promoter has done a show at the Target Center for some reason, so I suggest that Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live try the Target Center out
  • The Barclays Center in New York City, New York - I can totally imagine a concrete-only show happening in this venue - it'd be better than the Islanders playing in an arena unfit for them
  • The Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal, Quebec - It's been stated HWMTL will do stadium events, so I found an outdoor Canadian venue for them since Monster Spectacular has Olympic Stadium in their grasp
  • The Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario - Another Canadian venue that HWMTL should try.