Is this a dead forum?


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Two thoughts.

firstly, regarding forum activity, as a suggestion, maybe it's time to unpin most of the pinned posts. It can't help the perception of the forum as an active one if a new arrival only sees posts from eight to ten years ago at the top of the forum. I would say anything more than a year old should be unpinned automatically, except for a general "FAQ" type post that points to threads on commonly discussed topics. That way someone doesn't have to scroll down half the first page just to find a recent discussion, as I did to get to this one.

Second, less existential thought, is that I disagree with Steven regarding multiples of trucks at MJWF. A driver who qualifies should appear in the truck they qualified with. The whole swapping of trucks (or at least bodies) undermines the identity of the trucks and their associations with drivers, which is something I think Feld needs to play up, actually. If that means more than one Grave Digger, so be it.

Maybe it's a sign that they need to run fewer duplicate trucks, but I doubt that will happen considering the popularity of some of those designs; there is a reason they run seven Grave Diggers in the first place. They could really play up the idea of them being entries by a team, which they sorta do, but not enough. It doesn't help that some of the teams running the same body have nothing to do with each other whatsoever, but limiting an identity to one team only would be a significant change in business practice that would either overwhelm the team hired to handle it in some cases (even the Andersons probably couldn't maintain all seven Grave Diggers).

Either way, a driver at World Finals should be in the truck that got them there.