Jacksonville MJ / Who's driving Doomsday mystery truck ????

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MJ pulled a neat decoy and switch at the Jax show last night. They had said a "Mystery" truck would be appearing and led us to believe it was Batman w/h John Seasock, who put on a good show, espically in light of his Dad's passing, but the appearance of the Doomsday truck was totally unexpected. It put on a great show as well, the hiding of the driver's identity was a bit over the top, but a nice touch. Anybody know who the driver was ? Got my own thoughts on that, but I digress. The whole show was great, was great to see Tom and Max-D back in town, bummer his tranny gave out in the finals. Top marks to his crew getting Max-D back up and running in time for the backflip, but I have to wonder if they simply had another Max-D standing by. The backflip was executed flawlessly, but seems to lose some of the "WOW" factor when you're expecting it, still pretty awesome, though. Freestyle started off a bit slow, but picked up quite nicely. Damon and Monster Energy put on an excellent freestyle, topped only by Adam and GD Legend, very reminencent of the old man. Overall, a great show, 18 trucks, unheard of in Jacksonville, but a welcome addition. Wish Robosarus could've fit through the stadium entrance. My wife and I ran late so we missed RS in action, just saw it moving its head some and breathing fire. Also missed the Kid KJ mini monster trucks, guess it's true when they say, "Arrive Early". Didn't care about Quad Wars, but least I could make food and restroom runs, and not miss anything. No disrespect intended to the quad guys , it's just not my thing. I've attended MJ shows in Jacksonville since 1997 and will continue to do so. I realize lots of folks here on MM don't have a high opinion of MJ and some of those feelings might be justified, but I've always had a great time at the shows and feel I get my money's worth.
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Meents did a backflip at the Indy show, as well, and used the special "stunt truck" for the attempt. When he crashed early in freestyle he ran back to the pits and rolled out the stunt truck to continue. I would assume they had both trucks in Jacksonville as well.


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meents used the stunt truck for the flip last night, while the crew changed trannys on the race truck.


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Last weekend in OKC, Marc McDonald drove Doomsday because he went way early in freestyle and was nowhere to be seen after the show. Different drivers every week for doomsday.


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Pretty sure it was McDonald in Doomsday with the styles being really similar and him running earlier in the field.

Not really surprised he came out. "Doomsday is coming" video stills were on screen throughout the night. REALLY surprised to see Batman. (really 20 trucks if you count the stunt truck and 2nd Digger).

I dig the 2nd digger encore thing, but it would have really been cool to see Carl try and take the win away from Adam.

Best FL show of the year. Racing was a lot more competitive with Meents and Damon having classics all night. **** even Madusa ran Adam hard in round 1. I missed qualifying, but this was the best racing I've seen this year, and probably the best freestyle too. Really nice to finally see the yellow loco. I'll have some pictures uploaded shortly.


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I watched a bunch of videos on youtube and I thought Damon did a better freestyle then Adam . Just my opinion.