Join the WMTRL! -- New officers and representatives wanted


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Join the WMTRL!
Become an officer or representative for 2007!

The WMTRL is looking for new officers and representatives. With over 300 drivers and 800 events yearly, we need more people to keep everything organized and running smoothly. If you’re a fan of the WMTRL and monster truck racing, check out our jobs page for information on the positions that are available and the requirements for each. (click here)

Please keep in mind, these are volunteer positions and will require some time commitment on your part. It’s not like we’re going to work you death, but if you apply, we expect that you’ll be able to fulfill the duties given to you. We would really like someone who has some understanding of the League and wants to help it grow. Overachievers are welcome.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at [email protected]. We are accepting applications right now (please, don’t send any resumes or references or anything. Just follow the instructions given on the page). This is not a first-come system, but don’t wait too long. If we get anyone, I’d like to before mid-January. We won’t begin filling the positions until January 1st at the earliest.


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I'm such a huge supporter of the WMTRL,I'd LOVE to help out,but I really don't wanna get involved in something I could not handle.

hopefully some people set-up.& keep it running :D


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Like the desin on the top of that page. If I joined it would be too big of a responseablity for me but i wanna join


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"Must be at least 18-years-old and not more than 40-years-old. (Preferred 18 to 25)"

Wow, ageism is alive and well in the WMTRL. Good thing that doesn't apply to drivers as well, or some of the best in the industry wouldn't even be allowed to compete.

Just to help out a little, if people need to be in good physical condition, then state that (it has little to do with age).

ok, I vented, and I feel better now.


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"Age restrictions" are subject to review if you do not qualify under those standards, but those we are looking for will more than likely be between those age brackets. Simply because we need people who can travel distances to events, and usually you are above 18 to do so on your own free will (or you've got some rockin parents like dirtyharry).

As we've said before, the idea of the WMTRL has taken off here and to drivers the idea has been presented to (see Linsey Weenk's blog). We've got some plans for the upcoming season, and the seasons to follow that.

Anyone can be a major part of the WMTRL, because reports of events is what the WMTRL thrives on. If you attend an event, shoot us an e-mail or post here on the message board the results (not just the winner, for a 5-8 truck field we would need winner/runner up, and then who were the semi-finalists).

This goes out especially to drivers, crew members, or people who even just know drivers themselves. A simple phone call to ask how someone did is how we aquire results as well, anything, even if not a full report, is taken in and saved and we appreciate everyone who gives us information.


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An explanation


That's the age group we feel will best fit what our league needs. We deal a lot with drivers (in person) and we're looking for young adults because we feel it best incarnates the attitude of the league: young, new, exciting, and with a bright future ahead. Young adults also tend to have more free time available to devote to things like this. And as Bryan said, there are tasks in the league (especially travel) which are best suited for this age group.

It has nothing to do with physical conditioning. It has to do with the image we try to present with our public relations and requirements of the positions. (Not to mention that most people who are going to read this fall within that range anyway. And those who are younger will be able to apply within a few years.)

Keep in mind--also as Bryan said--these are for official positions. We welcome help and reports for anyone, because everyone can help make this league better. If you are outside the range and would still like to help, apply anyway and we may have areas where you can help. But currently, we feel that those ranges best satisfy our needs.


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I'm not 18, but I go to alot of shows. I can definetely get you guys the results to those shows. Anything to help.


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well were talking about WMTRL ( I know I should know this already) but a 10 truck field, do you only need semi-finals,finals results?

and 88%!(refering to the other post) recorded that's unbealivable,I know I say it all the time,but the WMTRL is one the best things happening in the MT industy at the moment...& it really does show that people are taking notise, I praise all the work you guys do to keep it updated.

oh btw what was the final event count % in 2005? just wondering how much it jumped.


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These are the minimum requirements for reporting events, of course we love full brackets but we understand that's hard to remember, so here is what we need bare bones:

For 4-truck field (minimum), we would need who won/who was runner up.

For a 5-8 truck field, we would need winner/runner up, and WHO was in the semi-finals (not even who beat who, just who was there).

For a 9-16 truck field, we would need winner/runner up, who was semi-finalist, and who were the trucks who went out Round 2.


4 truck field with the following drivers:
Mark Hall, Geremie Dishman, Doug Noelke, Andy Hoffman.

Report: Hall def. Dishman in the finals

We jot the results down with the corresponding points:
Mark Hall - 75
Geremie Dishman - 46
Andy Hoffman - 18
Doug Noelke - 18

*Note if there are "3rd Place Races", those don't count in the WMTRL currently.

You can see how now, say a 6 truck field changes the requirements:
Drivers: Scott Hartsock, Steve Reynolds, Bennett Clark, Steven Hill, Kirk Dabney, David Brown

Report: Hartsock def. Hill in the finals, Clark and Dabney semi-finalists

We report the results with corresponding points:
Scott Hartsock - 89
Steven Hill - 62
Bennett Clark - 36
Kirk Dabney - 36
David Brown - 16
Steve Reynolds - 16

That's kind of an insiders look at how we report events. As you can see with a 4 truck field and just two rounds of racing, you don't get as many points even with higher ranked drivers, but when the field expands, you have to race more rounds, and gain more points, hence why some of the highest point events we have all year are the 16 and 16+ truck fields LN runs with a host of top ranked drivers.

BrianV can chime in with exactly what our percentages were for the last two years on reported events, that will be back up on the website shortly. I *believe* for 2004 we had 72% and and for 2005 we had 78%, so a huge increase thanks in part to YOU the fans on here, drivers, and crew members reporting events.

We know USHRA does a fantastic job of reporting their events online, but sadly its tougher to get a lot of other promoters results, EMTN with Jim Morris has always been difficult so if you are or knows someone with EMTN please have them contact us, same goes for the new AMP series, we're looking for those with the series to contact us for event reports.

I really do have to do give it to Monster Nationals (especially Kyle Doyle and Brenda Noelke for reports) and everyone at CFP (Mr. Bekcley, Brian Stell, Zane Rettew), they've done a fantastic job over the years at getting their events reported to us, the more events we get from these "smaller" promoters, the higher ranked their drivers will be and the more their events will be worth.