King Krunch questions

Bad Dude

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A couple questions about King Krunch:

1. I saw a 1973-80 Blazer on 48's with the King Krunch name. Did this become the '84 Blazer with the 66's or were those two different trucks?

2. Did King Krunch II (the one that was on Monster Mania) become the original Coors Brewser or were those also two different trucks?


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The original King Krunch Blazer started off as a 1978/79 Blazer on 2.5 tons and 48's. Then it was lifted up more to run 66's while still on 2.5 tons. At that point the truck got an updated front clip to a 1984/85 truck along with a flip top body. It then got 5 ton axles and at some point started to be referred to as King Krunch III. Then it got a S-10 Blazer body.

King Krunch II the full sized 1985 Chevy truck got re-painted around early 1987 to the red and blue stripes. As far as I know the Silver Bullet truck was a completely new build.