Lets See your RC Trucks!!

I know we got a Model show off thread.. But lets see your RC Trucks... Cars or whatever you have..

I'll post some this weekend of ours after we take some Pics of them..


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CPE MT, How much did one of those trucks cost? I'm in need of something to kill off boredom.


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Those two are combinations of paint and custom vinyl wraps. The Destroyer and El Toro Loco bodies are all paint though.

This style truck would typically run anywhere between $300-600. Modified Clodbusters such as these can easily top $1K depending on the paint, motors, and electrics you decide to run.


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the clod chassis with el toro loco body on it is just screaming for a foot8 or 9 body on it ;)
i personally wouldn't mind a clod or a xtm x-factor, but all i got is a savage 21 lol. bought it myself and have done all the upgraded myself which include:
-aluminum pipe
-two stage air filter
-three speed conversion
-dual stainless steel disk brake swap
-venom failsafe
-blue stiff-ish springs
-savage 25 fuel tank
-hotbodies flamed excursion
-dynamite fuel lines
-jr racing servo (140oz of torque)
-handmade skidplate (gets lots of use as you can see)
thing is a beast and the biggest jump cleared so far is a 70 foot motocross double. parts broken so far have been, a steel gear in the reverse module (shifted into reverse at about 30 mph), a bent front shock shaft after failing to clear a handrail and if you consider a whole bunch of cracks in the original body. it has about 6 gallons of fuel through it so far and i have had people ask me if its a savage ss or 25 because it is absolutely ridiculous when the throttle is pinned.

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I have a T-maxx and an S-maxx. Both trucks will be 4 years old this summer. They don't have a lot of mods on them but I do take good care of them both. The S-maxx has a new 2.5R motor in it and the T-maxx is still on its first (almost at 9 gallons). They don't get a lot of play time anymore though due to the expense of keeping everything in tip top shape but I do get them out every once in a while. Here's a pic of the S-maxx with a new chrome body.


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AWESOME looking trucks.. :eek:

I don't have a big scalae nitro RC, can't afford one...
This stuff costs a fortune in my country.
Starting with 3000 bucks is no exeption......
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my race clods. two team tweaked powers chassis. one for sport mod, one for 4wd mod.

and the team picture. Team Low Budget Racing at its best (not pictured - rc10GT and one E-Maxx). LBR consists of the two racing clods, two RC10 B4s (one stock buggy, 19t buggy, 2wd mod tuff truck), one RC10 T4 (stock truck, 2wd mod tuff truck) the e-maxx is run in stock E-maxx, and the rc10gt is used for bashing and fun....a new addition should be coming soon....heres a hint of the addition...Its coming after you at the spring nationals or world champs CARCRUSHER!!! MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D


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Im a Kyosho collector
i got a few now but more to come
just borth a Kyosho USA-1 Nitro more :D

well its not a monster or a Kyosho but hey :p
Kyosho Land Cruiser 80
Kyosho Wild Ram
Kyosho Wild ram, Kyosho Big Brute and Kyosho Land Cruiser 80
Kyosho Big Brute Call The Toy :D
Kyosho USA-1 Nitro Crusher (now under Heavy Rebuild)

I also Got a NEW IN BOX Mauri Big Bear :eek:


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Clodbuster turn Stomper. Love it and run in on sunny days and in the dorms to.



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There's a Clod that looked almost EXACTLY like that on TNT's LMS broadcast in '88. Is that where you got the idea for it?

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Here’s some of my RC trucks:

My JPS Clod and Stock Clod before both were modified and upgraded:

My JPS Chassis Clod after being modified with a lower battery mount and Savage shocks:

My TTR Tremor that was the stock Clod before. I’ve experimented with different shock setups over the years.

My Escalade TXT-1:

My Max D tube chassis:
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Man i can't wait till i get mine built!!! i think i'm goin' with old school BIGFOOT #8 on a ripper chassis.....still undecided at this point though!;)