Little Valley, NY


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Just thought I'd post some pics I took from the show in Little Valley, NY. The lineup included David Rappage and Rap Attack, Shane Smith and Iron Man, Bob Holman's Beast, Jeff Bursey in Towmater, Bob Robbins and After Shock and Rick Long in Bigfoot.

The sun was goin doin just as the show started so I switched over to my video camera. I put up some freestyles on youtube. Here are the links.
[ame=""]YouTube - Holman's Beast @ Cattaraugus County Fair[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Rap Attack @ Cattaraugus County Fair[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - After Shock @ Cattaraugus County Fair[/ame]

Comments welcome. Enjoy


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Shane Smith did a good job and racing and ended up rolling the truck over in freestyle coming off the buses. Bersey killed the step ups to the bus on the reverse side and it was pretty narrow. The truck fell off the side of the vans and over on its roof. Shane was ok and the truck wasn't beat up too bad.


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Your pictures and video's are awesome. I liked Beast's run over the bus, that was perfect. Looks like a great show overall.

monsters rockJD

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That show was awesome, the best i have seen there in the several years that i have gone. Thanks for putting up some pics and videos, i wasn't able to get as many as i usually do as i was crewing for Rap Attack.


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Being a huge Cars fan, I cannot form words to express how amazing that TowMater body looks hahaha, that is awesome.


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I love towmater~!!! how cute! I showed the picture to adam and now he wants to see it~!! any word on jeff bursey's website? when i click the link on the blog it is down...???

cindy munds


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Answer to your question cmunds,

Jeff's website has been down for a while, he doesn't get on the internet as much as he used to, Besides owning a truck jeff owns an Excavation business, and has a wife and two kids. Probably no time to update his website.

Also a few months ago Big Ron of KSR, said he was working on a website called but no other news.