M.T.I Administrative Statement

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Monster Truck Industry Administrative Statement

Monster Truck Industry is an exclusive discussion board only available to those given permission by the current Administration of the Monster Mayhem Discussion Board.

That being said, we have outlined our position regarding a few items:

Moderation - The Disclaimer/Rules set forth for Monster Mayhem do not apply here. This is in essence a self-governing community. You are all professionals, that is why you’re here. We want you to act like a professional and your fellow board members will expect you to act like one as well. If you feel someone is NOT behaving in an appropriate manner and is abusing the board, another member, etc., please contact us at [email protected] and we will work to rectify the situation.

Viewing - While being Administrators on Monster Mayhem automatically grants us access into any of our forums (we cannot block ourselves, that is just how its setup), we are not there to spy on your discussions. An Administrator may visit the forum a few times a week to check the Tech Help thread for questions and also to see if there are any threads with titles specifically asking for us to read. Other than that, we will NOT be reading your posts, period!

Allowed Users - Only people that have signed up th
Not open for further replies.