Master of disaster

adam tereska

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Cliff owns Monster Vette, Frankenstein, and Wild Stang; they are rotting away at his brother's Museum in Kansas. People have asked to buy them, but they keep saying $200,000 each and it turns people away.:mad:

adam tereska

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What really jerks people's chains is the fact that they can not afford to fix them up and maintain them, (they're covered in bird droppings inside and out), & they look like crap because they're rusting away, if they sell the monsters for a reasonable price closer to what they're really worth today (no more than $30,000 for all three; they are in that bad of shape), those who want these poor vehicles and will redo them and care for them as needed and they'd have some money to improve their facility and make it better for the customers. Then everyone would be happy.


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What really irks me is that Cliff never put more than 50k into any of those machines in the first place. Sounds to me like he just has no desire to sell them and keeps the price tag that high for the truly moronic.


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Adam I agree with you man, those trucks are not worth more then 10 grand a piece. I would love to know the Starbird's thinking of why they think those trucks are worth so much.


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talking about master and disaster and bearly tame does anyone know what he did with the original trucks or atleast body and chassies?


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Not trying to start anything, but Daryl Starbird (owner of the museum) is Cliff's dad not brother. We spoke to him in his shop out back of the museum, it was fun to see him welding on one of his old hot rods that amt/ertl made a model of years ago.


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What trucks did Kevin and Kirk Dabney own? I think I might have misspelled his last name.
Hmm, off the top of my head:

Blue Thunder
Mega Force
Duraliner Giant
Chi-Town Hustler
Southern Hustler

I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting.

Paul curtis

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lets see, He owns the First blood Chassis too, bought it from Paul a good while back, running Wild Thang body for him still tho


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and bearly tame is now sudden impact the ride.
Bearly Tame is being brought back by Stinger owner/driver Zane Rettew. He also brought back Master of Disaster a couple of years ago. I've seen it race twice in person, did a backflip driven by Paul Strong (Martial Law driver).

His team: