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Well, this is a hard post to write. There has been an incredibly bad accident in Mexico, and footage is rolling in that is extremely graphic.

During this time, we ask that all members use respect, and consideration when posting about this subject.

Pray for those who lost their lives, and those who are injured. May we all be mindful of the good things we have in life.

-Jason Rivas


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We kinda already have a thread dealing with the lack of safety measures in Mexico. Perhaps we can get these merged into a catch all thread over this accident?


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I have merged the threads and opened this for discussion. Please, no speculation, claims, etc.


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Here's somethign i posted in my original posting a week ago about a seperate incident and was updated about the current one.

Jalopnik posted about it as well. Including the footage of the truck crashing into the crowd (WARNING THIS IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND NSFW)

A Mexican news organization is running a story about the truck crash. The site is located here:

The pictures give us the identity of the truck. The Original Fly-N-Hi truck.

Another news organization is listing that several armed men threw a Molotov Cocktail at a ride truck that was at the event while it was on it's trailer. Though it is difficult to tell when this happened in regards to the accident being reported today
Link here:
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Alcohol involved... wow. A new low, even for them and their lacking safety standards.

Condolences to anyone affected.


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new low? Are you sure? Thats just the first time you've heard about it. He didn't even have his helmet strapped on...


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This is what I as TTK posted on HuffPost. They approved it so I see no problem posting it on here.

This was an old school monster truck or leafer as we in the industry refer to them. Old school monster trucks are bouncy and hard to control. Since this event wasn't in the US where the MTRA or Feld Motorsports have devices and safety controls to prevent accidents like this from happening. The driver and the promoter will hopefully be held liable. They broke a basic rule: YOU NEVER drive the truck towards the crowd!!! SAFETY First!!! Racing and Freestyle Second!!!
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First let me say that my prayers are with those injured and the families of those who passed.

This is not the first topic concerning the safety of shows in Mexico (well South America and some of the European shows). Let me say that my first time in Mexico (Negales Mexico not a resort city) I was truly in shock. We all hear about 3rd world countries and environments, but to actually see it first hand..Wow. Safety standards are far less strict than here, and that's on anything. Government control is equally absent in the day to day lives of the citizens (i.e. health and safety). Now I found that many parts of South America were even worse than in Mexico.

What makes me worried is the backlash on the industry here. It is already hard enough to find insurance for ride trucks, how will this affect that. How about what promoters will have to face now with Insurance, arena / track owners, and media? Hopefully it won't be that bad (fingers crossed). I personally hope that this will force the Mexican authorities to act and implement safety standards, too bad it took such a tragedy to force their hands.


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A very sad tragedy indeed.

I do have to say though........and I want to be real careful about this........we have to careful about casting stones towards those involved. Of course mistakes were made and they should pay for them, but those same mistakes were made here in the US too. We often forget that this industry learned some lessons the hard way but it also had the foresight from some very smart people to implement changes to ward off potential hazards. And those same people were often criticized by many others in the industry for making those changes. But still, even in the US, there are events being held that have some of the very same hazards that led to this most recent tragedy. I see some of the Mega Mud Truck events with trucks all over the place blasting through the mud, people in the beds of the truck, drinking, and think to myself "where's the regulation and safety?" and that's right here in the US.

I think rather than condemning those people over there we should appreciate the folks here, like MTRA, for what they have done over all these years to make the industry safer and better.


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From what I've heard, the driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter, but no word on sentencing, or anything on the promoters. This is just awful really. And I agree, this incident will probably do even more damage to the industry, even with the glaringly obvious lack of safety. We all know how quick the populace is to jump to conclusions, after all. Any tall truck with huge tires is a monster truck to everyone. And it's that logic that gets the wrong people in trouble. My dad says, and I sadly agree with him, that if not too many more "accidents" like this happen, Monster Trucks may be pulled altogether. I know that's drastic, but stranger things have happened and we all know it. I'm afraid it's just a matter of time...

No matter how safe you try to make something, trouble always finds a way...


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Sorry but comparing a drunk, nearly helmetles moron driving a leafer in a mexican exhibition affecting FELD motorsports? No.... Stranger things may happen but even that phrase can only be put forth with some logic. Well maybe in Mexico... (banned I mean)
Plus how does the average joes jacked up truck association with Monster truck have anything to do with this? that just sounds even more Ludicrous. I could go on with thoughts and opinions but It doesn;t seem appropriate.


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Agreed, I almost wonder if this will make American promoters looks even better, since most of them have way higher safety regulations in place.


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Certain people may not decipher a difference. "A monster Truck is a Monster Truck" but its still too different to make a difference in what goes on with Race cars flying into catch fences. Most people can figure out the situation well enough when its that bad


I couldnt imagine standing that close no matter where the show was held at. ****, there were people out where the truck was driving around at. He actually drove around a few of them. A little common sense goes a long way.....

I found a video on youtube. It almost looked the the driver wasnt strapped in and bounced out of his seat.