MLMT Red Bluff 2009


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What a lineup!
Bigfoot-Rick Long
Snake Bite-The original 'Ricky Rattler' Dan Runte!
Bounty Hunter-Darren Migues
Iron Outlaw-Joe Miller
King Krunch-David Smith
El Matador-Darron Basl
The Patriot-Dan Rodoni
Tropical Thunder-Andrew Peckham
Excaliber-Kristy Edge
Shock Therapy-Jon Zimmer
Maniac-Don Frankish
Jurassic Attack-Gary Schott Jr.

Plus tough trucks and quad wars.
Tickets can be bought here

Who else is going? I know there's going to be at least 6 Mayhemers there, was wondering if anyone else will be. It's going to be an awesome show this year and hopefully I'll be able to do some updates leading up to the show starting next week and live updates during the show.
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Have fun! Red Bluff's farther away for me too. But, I have to choose one since they're on the same weekend and the way I see it, 12 of the best independent trucks in the country is better than 8, and I prefer a J-hook track and alot of room for freestyle obstacles to a straight line track with a big dirt mound in the middle.


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hmm..... im driving 10+ hours to red bluff, thats how awesome it will be.

just in! Eric Myers the 2009 monster jam urban assult champion will be making a apperance for the friday show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pablo we know you don't have much to buy a shirt and hat, but maybe this will change your mind about going up:


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Well perhaps the Parade through downtown Red Bluff will tempt you into going to this fantastic, and very large three day event? If that's not enough, how about a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday Morning with your Favorite Monster Truck Drivers?

If that's still not all, how about being apart of the Sunday Afternoon crowd to help promote the support and research of Breast Cancer?

Still on the fence?


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I would like to go but one, it is too far out for me, two I got plans that weekend and three I gotta save up money. Sounds like a good line-up though.

casey ladelle

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Watching very large one legged bicycle riders roll throught Dennys, tearing phone books in half, harleys in the motel room, front porch burnouts, having awsomeness arguments with random people at a pizza place. Yeah I guess i'll head up again.


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si se?or, it was not easy. but ive got it down to a science.

Uno. Run
Dos. Jump
Tres. Run faster.