MOD Monroe, WA


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Finally a new MOD episode! :) Certainly worth the wait.

For those of you who misses it, you missed some great action:
-- Kreg Christensen pulls an Andy Brass during the Drag races.
-- Excellent drag race between Spider-man and Public Disturbance.
-- Swanson knocks off Creten in the Obstacle finals after Creten makes a rare mistake. Rick tops it off with a victory donut.
-- Linsey Weenk swept the weekend with smooth, fast runs all night long.
-- Bainter, Weenk, Creten, Ramer all throw out some huge jumps off the myriad of steep tabletops on the track.

Once again, MOD ran an awesome course.
-- The Drag course was a step, short table-top followed by 5 ramped cars.
-- The Obstacle course started in the middle two lanes (which provided some great shots for the camera) over a small but tricky double jump, then a single jump, a turn (on asphalt), a tall & short table top, then a tall & very long table top, another turn, and finish over the Drag course! Long and challenging, just like they should be.
-- As has been expected from MOD courses, there were a lot of tough obstacles. They still allowed for fast racing, but with so many radical changes from horizontal to vertical, there were continual lead changes and unpredictable finishes. MOD builds race courses as they're meant to be built.

The only complaints I have are
(1) the poor bracketing of the fast loser. Weenk/Christensen raced 3 times in drags and twice in Obstacle course (Weenk won all 5 meetings, fyi). Seeing them race each other once or twice is exciting, but 5 times is just repetitive and ridiculous.
(2) Only two freestyle runs were shown :( Not sure if there were more and they just got cut for time sake, but it would've been nice to see more. Of course, I'd much rather see all the racing rounds than all the freestyles. That's what I watch MOD for, anyway.

Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA is becoming one of those hallowed halls of monster truckdom. If you missed the 3 races MOD has run there (2 in 2005, 1 in 2006 so far televised), you've missed some memorable monster truck moments. Great line-ups, awesome tracks, and some great action.


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This Tuesday is the MOD show I went too. The racing is sweet, I might have a kid in my math class record it for me. It was the best show I have been to, so I really wanted it recorded.