monster mayhem logo help


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is there anyway that i could get the monster mayhem logo with out the black background? in other words, all i need is the monster mayhem words, the truck, and the skull thing. dont need lightning but if its there its fine. i'm in the process of making a few things for the PTC and i need the logo to do things for the monster mayhem truck. any help would be appreciated


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While your at it I think it would be good to have the logo as an avitar also, and I hope that most of the other web site in MT's can start to do the same thing. I had asked the Monster Blog for that a while back so maybe they and others can do one as well.




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I hvae a few avatars of websites, and promoters that I had made and uploaded to my photobucket. I have many others, but are MIA on discs, and jump drives that I don't have time to look through right now.

A couple from the old MM site:


I know your looking for full size logo's Shawn. Just throwing a few of these out for CED.


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Thanks. Maybe there is a place on here that ppl can put them for other to use? Like creating a list?