Monster truck building/fabrication Rather


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I want to open this thread to discussing monster truck fabrication. I might potentially make my dreams come true this year by building a truck.

I’m looking for anyone who has knowledge of monster truck fabrication to chime in. I would like to learn as much as I can about it. Like how much does it cost to do it yourself? Are there plans for chassis fabrication that can be obtained online? Are there good websites to visit for information on this? What is the best place to start?



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Go talk to independent MT racers, most actually do their own fab, repairs, pay for expenses\materials... Non MJ events be a great place to start, have lots of patience...


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If you have Facebook, check out Freakshow Monster Truck. Lots of pics that may help. I will answer any questions I can. This Website was super helpful for me 10 years ago. Glad to see it is still here. Anything I can do to pay it forward.

Stephen Smith
Freakshow Monster Truck