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I've been trying to find out if anyone knows what cards are avalable with Monster trucks on them. I know the CLASSIC company made them in late 80s or early 90s,,,any others!! I have a Grave Digger/Madusa/El Toro/Gun Slinger 4 card sheet from Detroit from 2006 Jan. There was a Max D/Monster Mutt/ 2 others on another 4 card sheet that was handed out at the March show, I'm looking to trade anyone the first for the second.
I'm just trying to get more Monster Truck Cards and programs I don't have. Any Programs BEFORE 2003 USHRA and any other show programs with pictures and cool stuff your looking to sell or get rid of!! ,,,Thanks for your help,,,this is a great Monster Sight!!

As you can tell by my poster pic,,,I'm an autograph junkie,,,,108 different drivers on my old Digger Poster, working on a new poster from same era, trying for another 100 from new drivers!!


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the last 3 years midland productions has put out a set of cards (link provided by insano above)

in 1988, the leesley corporation produced 2 sets of monster truck cards. one was a 100 card bigfoot set (blue borders) and the other was a mtra monster truck set (yellow borders). the bigfoot cards are still readily available on ebay (though a few boxes are usually necessary to obtain a full set) but the mtra cards are far harder to come by. there's also the 1990 mtra cards made by classic.

as far as other cards, the 1/64 racing champions trucks came with a card with each truck, and the 1/64 light & sound monster trucks that came out around 2000 had trading cards included as well. also, the zip zap monster trucks came with cards.

i know there's more out there, but i simply don't feel like digging through my brain to remember haha.


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The Sheer Insanity Monster Truck Racing Team had Collector Cards done. They are the same thickness and size as a credit card, excellent quality and come with a lanyard.

Sheer Insanity Front

Sheer Insanity Back

TNT Front

TNT Back

If you are interested in purchasing a Taggz Collector Card or if teams want to get more info on getting them made give me a shout at [email protected] or (403)528-4218



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I have a complete set, (All 125 cards) all signed. If anyone is interested in these, please reply and we can discuss.