Monster Truck Fan - some questions, please help :)


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Don't want to bore you guys too much, but maybe someone can explain or answer some stuff I don't understand/know.
First of all, please excuse for my English - I am from Liechtenstein, Europe, and speak German.

I was a BIG Monster Truck fan in the 90s. The races especially the Penda Point Racing Series were the time when I was beginning to be a big fan of the sport. I don't know how it is/was in the US, but here in Europe the Monster Truck sport was very popular and on TV in a weekly show but then suddenly disapperad.

I was always a big fan of Bigfoot, Wildfoot, Snake Bike and all the other Ford Trucks. But also their counterparties, for example Bear Foot, Monster Patrol, Taurus, Carolina Crusher, Equalizer, First Blood and so on were cool trucks. Cool Events, races etc.

Approx. 3 years ago I was on vacation in Los Angeles and had the chance to see the Monster Jam Show in Anaheim. It was a very cool. Last year I was at the Monster Jam Show in Frankfurt, Germany, and this year I am going to the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas.

I informed me a little bit in the Internet about the drivers and trucks of today, but have some questions. Maybe someone of you guys have the time to help me.

1) How does it work with the Monster Jam trucks? Are they still let's say real trucks with a team behind or are they all, like, let's say the same trucks built in the same shop with just differnet bodys on?
2) For example Grave Digger. How long does a Monster Truck Chassis survive? Are there still some chassis from the 90s in use?
3) Is there still a chassis in use at the Monster Jam Events that was built by Bigfoot?
4) Monster Jam is the biggest event of Monster Trucks, right?
5) What happened to the old legendary trucks, like Monster Patrol, Bearfoot etc. Do they still do Shows/racing?


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1. Monster Jam's trucks are mostly one in the same, barring some differences to fit a certain body and those are often interchangeable.
2. Most monster jam chassis don't last long due to the unreal abuse they take and may only last 4 or 5 years (rough estimate, someone could probably answer better) however some independent teams do still run very old chassis dating back to the 90's though they're not completely original and have been modified or rebuilt since. There are also "clones" which is a new, original build that replicates or is based around an older design.
3. To my knowledge no. Unless an independent team uses a former bigfoot chassis.
4. Unfortunately yes
5. A good few of the legends still run but many have retired or passed the reigns on to a new owner or family member. Paul Shafer owns several legendary names (bearfoot, rampage, Carolina Crusher, and monster patrol to name a few) and used to organize tours with them. He is now more or less in retirement now and his trucks gather dust. He will lease the names and identities he owns out to teams though. The rest have simply faded into memory...

Hope that helps and I can't guarantee my information is accurate so anyone who knows better please chime in. Welcome to mayhem!


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1. Ok, I understand. So it works this way: Feld Motorsports builds a chassis and also creates some bodys with different paintwork/names and uses them in various combinations? So it is maybe possible to see at one Monster Jam Show the same chassis with 2 different bodys on?

2. That is what I thought. Because the Monster Truck Racing as I know it from, for example the Penda Point Racing Series, is a way different from the Monster Jam Shows with regard to Stunts/demolition/crashes etc. I thought MADUSA was originally a Bigfoot chassis?

3. -

4. I don't think that the Monster Jam shows are not good, but the fact that there is no real competition between the teams as they are all like the same just using different bodys - it makes the whole thing a little bit more only show and less real motorsport, unfortunately.

5. Sad to hear. So who are the biggest independent teams today still active (doing shows and racing)?
- Bigfoot
- Rammunition
- Raminator

6. So Grave Digger is owned by Feld Motorsports?