Monster Truck Racing - Extreme Offroad game for PC, a short teaser video..


A while back I asked around if any racing team was keen to supply us with some images for our upcoming title.
We are pleased to announce that the Monster Truck Jump racing team from Germany has come to an agreement with us to allow use of their images in our game.

If you'd like to see a short teaser of the game play in early alpha take a look at

The game will be available on PC in 2nd Quarter 2012.
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Looks pretty cool! And, surprisingly enough, it's already way more realistic than any of the Monster Jam games . . . . . . . .


We've just uploaded a new video.. showing the muddy track and weather conditions along with a ton of other game updates. We've also added in brand new monster truck engine sounds (modified to suit gameplay), and some music.
Also featured in this video for the first time are our simple versions of the trucks from the Monster Truck Jump team from Germany.

Enjoy :)
And please 'like' our video if you like it.

The video can be watched here