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Hello, Mayhemers. We know that there are MANY Home Videos when it comes to the Monsters. Like the old TNT Home Video "Turning the Power On" and even todays Crash Madness Series from Monster Jam. I would like to ask all of you for assistants to help list ALL (or most) Home Videos starting from the early years of Monster Trucks to the Modern Videos from Monster Jam. If you could as well list the date even of the Video if you know what year it was released, it would be much better! Thank you for your co-operation! :cool:
Shake Battle and Roll 1-4 (1991-1996), Mud And Monster Madness 1-2 (1998), Monster Mania, Battle Of The Monster Trucks (1985), Return Of The Monster (1986) Trucks, War Of The Monster Trucks (1986) , Monster Truck Classics 3 disc (Battle, War, Return), Crusher (1991), Mud Warriors In Action (or Power) (1990), Secrets Of Monster Trucks (Or Awesome Monster Trucks) There Goes A Monster Truck (1995), Monster Truck Bloopers 1-3, Bigfoot The Living Legend, Bigfoot King Of The Monster Trucks (1988), Bigfoot Thunder On Wheels (Or Bigfoot Champion Of The Monster Trucks) (1989) Bigfoot Strikes Again (1989), Battle Of The Bigfoots (1991), Team Bigfoot (1994), Bigfoot In Action 1-6 (1988-2012), MTRA Racin' To The Finish (1989), Turning The Power On (1988), Monster Truckin' USA (1-2) (1994),

Monster Wars Greatest Hits (1994), Tuff Trax Superstars (1991), TNT World Of Power (1987), Monster Madness (1986), Monster Madness V2, Blood Sweat And Gears (1988), Monsters Of Rock And Roar (1990), Grave Digger The Video (1990), Grave Digger Domination (1997), GD20 (2002), Grave Digger 25th Anniversary DVD (2007), Grave Digger 30th Anniversary (2012), World Finals 1-13 (2000-2012), All Access World Finals 4 (2005), Road To The World Finals 2005 (2006), Monster Jam Summer Heat (2003), Crash Madness 1-6? (1998-2011?), Austrailian World Finals, The Best Of IMJ 1-5 (1998), Crush This (1991), Bigfoot Vs. Snake Bite 1-2 (1992), Bigfoot to The Limit (1996), Monsters Of Destruction Vol. 1-5? (2008), Biggest and Baddest Monster Trucks, Monster Truck Spectacular, Modern Marvels DVD, Bigfoot 25th Anniversary, Controlled Chaos 1-2, Freestyle 2011, History Of Monster Trucks At the Pontiac Silverdome, Monster Truck Classics 1-2, Eye On Extreme Monster Trucks, Monster Trucks The Science Of Extreme Machines, Monster Truck Mania,

Behind The Monsters, Monster Trucks and Truckin' Thrills, Wild About Wheels, Real Life Monster Trucks For Kids, Monster Truck Mania 1-3, Monster Madness, A&E Monster Trucks, Monsters Of Destruction, 4 Wheel & Off Road Jamboree, Monsters Of Rock And Roar (an odd seemingly home made video).

Sorry this is so jumbled and sorry if I have a couple of the release dates wrong. Most were off the top of my head, My collection is buried or missing.