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It's such a sad fact that people don't understand the value of these trucks/tanks. It's not about the money, what's valueable is its history and all the memories the fans has. And it is very irritating to see your favourite-creations standing still while they're rusting away, its interior gets eaten by rodents and what once was the graphics, fading away due to years of constant sun-exposure. It's unacceptable to let this happen, beacuse if they would've been taken care of, these trucks/tanks could practically still be in shows and exhibitions.

Sad to see the classic pioneers of monster truck history disappear due to negligence.


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Some one could Drop a Farm truck and a locked 460 with some zoomies onto an M4 and offer a trade.
**** I'd even paint the the replacement any way they like. The owners have no respect for the History of the vehicles,They just want the visual impact.


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-why not build replicas of the origionals? If it's important to you, it'd be easy to do, look at it this way, if you got one of those rusted-out tank-trucks, you'd be rebuilding it w/mostly new parts anyway. Tank chassis & mid-90's pickup trucks are easy to obtain. The hardest part would be the paint & pinstripe job. You'd need permission to use the name, then the restaurant keeps their rusty setups, & you have the truck you want. You could collect info. & take pictures, & make the copy as good as the origional. Just a thought.


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IMO they are doing a good job. Look at what they could have done, chop them up destroy them, etc etc etc, At least they are still semi intact and people can still see them.

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Monster Vette and Frankenstine Live again !!! AND they look AWESOME !!! I'd almost lost hope that they'd ever run again.
Thanks for proving me wrong, Cliff. Old-Schoolers might get ragged n rusty, but they'll never die.