My "in progress(for years)" models


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Poor Bigfoot 3 was almost complete when it took a nasty spill off a shelf. Im going to finish it one of these days. Custom body cut up from a year correct broncho and chopped up Bigfoot 4.

straight rail chassis(I know now that it had a stock chassis) made from brass with kit crossmembers added

The All American 1. I tried to replicate the fender flares and artwork as close as possible. Im in the process of making some aluminum rims for the revell tires, to make more realistic 73"s

Im going to resin cast the rims, if anyones interested

Early Bigfoot 4 custom body and straight rail chassis. Body from cut up year correct broncho and bigfoot 4 kit.

a lot of body work in this one

Goliath 1

I know I have the rear engine facing the wrong way. Im not really sure how Alan had this driveline put together, so there may be some liberties taken

A fictional truck loosely based on Superpete.Its a Tyrone Malone Superboss on USA-1 running gear.

the rear fenders are made from a cut up Kenworth hood.

A 1/16 scale Bigfoot 1 made from two radio shack ford RC bodies. I bought one of these trucks years ago on ebay and painted it to look like Bigfoot. I added some decals, and its been sitting on a shelf. I decided to buy another one and cut the bodies up to make one accurate scaled body. Im pulling dimensions from my real F100, so I have a good reference. I junked everything else, and Im building the chassis and running gear all from scratch. Most of it will probably be aluminum.

Thanks for looking!


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Those are all great. Neat ideas for sure. Hope we can see them finished someday!

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Terry, I have quite a few pics of Goliath's suspension if you need them. I can email them to you if you think they would help when you get back too it. I took them when I was still helping with the deboggle in Auburn. There are no motors or trans/transfer in it so they wont help there but could help for the springs, airbags, hitch etc..... Steve


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Sure that would be great Steve. I actually just started on Goliath the other day.I kinda hit a wall when I started on the motors. If I may ask, what happened in Auburn?


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How did I miss this thread???? I guess 2 years late isn't bad! HA HA HA HA. Killer stuff man!