New 2013 HW's 1/64 pics


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Last year the first new 2012 1/64 trucks finally came to stores in Holland in May. First European release we got was mix H.
So I've missed many trucks last year.:(
This year looks very promising..!!
Last Saturday I found 2013 Mix A in a toy-store in Holland...
YEAH!!! :)

Mix A (European/Australian card variant)
ERROR: Mechanical Mischief appears twice on the back of the card ;)



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Picked up a new Brutus (only one they had) and a new deco Storm Damage for stocking stuffers.

Been waiting for this Brutus since he debuted the new design. We've seen him twice in person.

Now, we just need a white Backdraft, HW.

I saw the X-Ray truck and it looked cool, but I passed on it. Just a chrome cage and since my son plays with the trucks, I'm not sure how long that hinged, clear plastic body will survive.


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They look pretty awesome. I'm glad they decided to throw in cars to crush. I've been dying for them since Hot Wheels started making Monster Jam trucks


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Saw Brutus and Hurricane Force at Target yesterday, unfortunately I was short on money so I didn't buy any.


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I just scored a 8 of them at Wallymart on 12/12/12. It's also my 49th year on this planet. As for 2013 Mechanical Mischief is the only one worth collecting since it's a flipper an XRay.