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Nice CRD chassis machine, does anyone know why Jimmy chose that over a Patrick this time around, and will he drive it for next season or stick with his patrick machine?


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The body is made by the same people who built the black Iron Outlaw Body, hence the black background.


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yep, 4 trucks total. the 1 CRD, and the Patricks. this body appears to be painted gloss black, which i hope they will do with iron outlaw if they are going to keep it black as well


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I saw Darren run that CRD chassis a Dixie Speedway a few weeks ago. It handles incredibly well and can soak up some tough hits. The only issue the truck had was engine related;it just didn't sound right the whole weekend. On day two,the announcer said they got the problem fixed;but it sure didn't sound like it.

Jordan Robson

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Love it. I made a black version for ROR a while back and always wondered what it would look like on the actual truck.


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my guess is that keeping their bodies black is easier/more efficient for the entire team. Keep all the bodies one colour, then add the specific trucks scheme. IMHO that idea is sound. Hes got a fibreglass shop in one of his garages so it just makes sense to keep it simple. I imagine that the whole team will be going this way.
From what i gather from their youtube channel/lineups, there is gonna be 4 full time 2Xtreme drivers in 2012... my guess being Jimmy in BH, Dawn in SB, Darren in IO and Bobo in RB. But i only speculate, maybe someone can confirm a lineup soon.


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From what I have learned about Patrick Chassis and CRD chassis, they both use the same 4 link bar lengths, same drive shaft loops, etc. Feld wanted to be able to team their trucks up and maintain the same parts. So a Patrick team buying a CRD is not really a big change in the shop or trailer, just the driving performance / preference.

Just not sure if the new Patrick chassis low cg design uses the same 4 link bar lengths as CRD and old Patrick design. I gotta think it does.


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wow looking at those rear tires brings back memories.
so where is the hulkster body? {/sarcasm}