New Donkey Kong and more


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The New Donkey Kong and Batman Chassis.. I cant find a good pic of Charlie's new Digger though.. But both trucks lookin good!

EDIT : Heres the New Digger Chassis [former Batman]

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Same bodies just new chassis, I was expecting a new DK body paint scheme orsomething, and why is DK upset/sad when looking at the truck from the front?


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I laughed out loud BigYoda. I loe the way Batman sits though. Maybe John can give us some insight sometime soon.


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I wonder how Paucken feels about getting a second hand chassis for his "new" Digger?
It shouldn't matter to Charlie, he doesn't have to fix it. Its also is not like they repainted it and added a Digger Body on it. John's old truck was 3 years old and not used heavily. Most likely not even twisted. In order to transform it into a Digger, the shop guys would have had to cut the entire cage off, as well as the shock towers. They would have stripped it of every part as well. Stripped it the frame rails and cradle of all powder coat, checked all welds and the tubing. By the time they rebuilt the truck and cage it would be just like buying a frame and cradle from Patrick. Towards the end, Feld was not buying turn keys, just frames minus cages from Patrick.

A Patrick will serve Charlie much better then Digger 15. Digger 15 had so much reinforcing and patch and repairs over the years. Can't wait to see the new piece in Philly this year.

Dave Collard

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The truck is still called 15 per this picture.

[ame=""]Flickr Photo Download: IMG_2070[/ame]

Hopefully some video crops up from that show, it got lost in the shuffle this weekend.


Chuckie's still Chuckie it looks like to me.


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With the look of the new Donkey Kong, I sincerely hope this means that the higher-ups at Feld have realized that having giant bug eyes on the windshield of Donkey Kong does nothing except give children and adults alike nightmares.


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any one know whats happeing to the old digger 15? ist it going to stay a digger, get rebodied, if is feld gunna ram a pole up its *** like #7


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is batman still a patrick chassis?
and is that now grave digger 22?
I think it should because digger 20 or 19 replaced digger 7 but there not digger 7 now are they. so this should be digger 22
I am also dissaponted that they swotch to a patrick it takes what little varitty thats left out of the digger trucks. I guess that means that digger 12 is next on the list for FMs to replace.

The day i trun against grave digger is when pablo gets or has to get a patrick
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