new to the forum


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hey all,

im new to the forum,

im 28 years old and grew up loving bigfoot and the digger...well im a auto tech and im just getting into monster trucks as a bussiness in the form of ride trucks, and one old school race truck for playing around with.

i love the site so far and cant wait to see whats new on it all the time.

as for the tanks, i hope they come back, i have wanted to build one for a long time and know where there is a chassis and a good body. and would also like to get ahold of the top gun truck that is here in canada, as well i am sure a trip to alaska to try and bring back a set of tires like foot 5 , also we have to bug that fun park that has 7 and someone needs to try and buy it, it needs to be alive again.

well thank you all for the great site,


swift current sask canada.


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Yeah man, welcome to Monster Mayhem. Hope you enjoy all the folks on here and the knowledge we all have plus, can't wait to see some of your rides. Jsut PM one of the Moderators to get help on how to post your pictures on here.