Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread


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I guess I'll go next. We pick up the pieces and start over huh? I still can't belive that stuff isn't saved somehow. :confused:
Here's my favorite old skooler ever. INTIMIDATOR. Steve


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Welp, time to rebuild! I guess I'll just throw this in..

Also, have you guys noticed the cars are getting smaller??? No more 1970s Cadillacs, Ford LTDs, Buicks and Impalas! Are we really down to imports and mid size cars??



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Going to start unloading the pics I have saved from the old thread, and by no means do I take credit for scanning or taking the pics, let it be known, just trying to regroup what we had. So please, I don't mean to step on anybody whom posted these pics. Just trying to help out the board. I hope everyone who was involved, does not mind, and if there should be a problem, please contact me and I will remove pics. Trevor


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Tommy Bryant (RIP) posted these shots a while ago.

again, all credit for those shots belongs to Tommy Bryant (RIP)