Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread

tonka tester

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there are 3 or 4 trucks that are on tractor tires, but they are new builds... one is a green crew cab truggy thing on 5 tons


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Not old skool pics but some more recent pics of old skool trucks. Here is the Sandman (the old War Wagon Dodge) and the Misery Dodge truck. These were both owned by Vince Morel up in Silver Lake Mi.



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Thank you Mike for those awesome photos!!!!! Holy cow, is that Bigfoot 6?! That's a rare shot right there. You're the man.



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The Bigfoot 6 shot isn't that rare. There's a version with a horribly photoshopped girl in a bikini from the mid 80's floating arround...

Wait... what do you call a Photoshop before Photoshop was even invented?

RnW 13

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I believe the body to the tank is actually the mud trucks old body, but I could be wrong.

I really dig the picture of the Coors Silver Bullet, have to love those jet engines.