Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread


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A TNT program from 1988. Don't know if anyone else has one or has seen one in many years. Thought I'd share the monster truck photos that are inside.



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Not even sure where I stole these, maybe Peterson's site? Figured there had been no pictures for a couple months so it was better than nothing.

Daniel G

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Steve, it's sad to see this thread beeing almost dead since a while. Facebook changed everything. Even me was against FB at one time. I finally created an account in 2010 to be able to viewing the FB link pictures members posted on here. Then slowly but surely, many MT groups were created and people moved. I can say you that in 2013, I downloaded more than 6000 monster truck pics; mainly old school related.

Four years later, my FB profile isn't even complete and I won't. I just use my account for all the monster truck groups and some modeling groups.


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Posted on the King Kong monster truck facebook page by Laura Trask Matt Harris photo credit to Bill Gilley