Orbital steering valve

I need to order a orbital steering valve, I am running chev ps pump drilled out and 2"x8" cylenders. anyone know the part number for the right orbital and lock valve?


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www.Midweststeering.com 17 ci valve, nonload sensing, open center. You should only use a lock valve on the rear steer. I'm guessing you mean the cross over relief. So far Vince is the only one I can find with the double cross over relief that bolts to the orbital. other wise www.surpluscenter.com has the inline ones that work also.
Adam would you know a part number? I just don't want to order the wrong one. Also I need the cross over for front and lock valve for the rear. I am just going to use the inline crossover. Would the surplus center have lock valves? do you know part numbers?



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so you guys are using a 17CI valve with only 3-4gpm of flow? On one of the websites it says that that size should be used with 8-16gpm? I am getting ready to buy mine also so just trying to make sure I am buying the right thing.