OT: what do you drive?


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1994.5 ford f-250 4x4, PSD, ZF5 trans. grandpa mobile so its stock save for a front hitch receiver, warning manual locking hubs and a Sirius satellite radio.


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I have been driving a 2005 Kia Rio since I got my license. (Kind of a piece of crap.) But yesterday I just bought this 2006 Volkswagen Jetta with 50,000 on it. Inline 5 and a 5 speed manual. Anybody else have experience with these cars?



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Here are my 3 toys. The Nova is my current daily driver and the monte carlo is in the process of coming back out for the summer. The Kart i race at NJMP.

Also the engine thats now in the nova that started its life in the monte.