Truck Related Overkill 1 question


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everytime i see a picture of the first overkill truck the truck reminds me of bigfoot with the same fenders cuts and tilt hood as it doesnt look like it has the tilthood only the fenders have the cut for it

that had been bugging me for some time now and i would like to get it awsered is the body on the first overkill truck an old bigfoot body?
i have been thinking it might have been 4 as the body was replaced with a fiberglass when bigfoot 8 was banned right?

Danny H.

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Well, I took 2 phots from Monster Photos and on close observation, I noticed the back wheel rim gap was the same length, and the front bumper was the same, however the doorhandles were diffferent, I would say yes considering the circumstances


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Great eye for detail. The front clip and bed were not off of a Bigfoot truck, but were purchased from the same company who built them for Bob at that time. The cab was sheetmetal with functional doors.

Marty G.