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To those who have been following the progress of Patrick Carroll, the beloved crew member from the Living the Dream Monster Truck team in Watsonville, California-


Patrick suffered from complications after reciving his Heart Transplant, and this morning- passed away due to these complications.

Patrick is an incredible man, who loved his family and the sport of Monster Trucks. His mark will forever be left in Monster Trucks, and the hearts of those who prayed for him and his family.

May those of you who offered prayer and support to the Carroll Family, be comforted in your time of loss.

God Bless Patrick and his Family.



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You will be missed my friend. My condolenses to your family and loved ones.


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Oh my, so very sad!! Thoughts and prayers go out to Patrick and his family! May you rest in piece.

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Today we all Grieve for Patrick, but Patrick is probably Grieving for us as well, for he no longer has to worry Heart problems, or life and Death decisions anymore. Remember, through faith, We're not promised a safe trip, just a safe landing.
There are other words that ring in my ears at times like this. "how we face death is at least as important as how we face life" comes to mind. One Day I, and indeed all of us, will share Patrick's fate, and I Hope I can face it with even a small amount of the Strength and Dignity that Patrick did.
Godspeed Buddy, we'll see ya across the river.


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Wishing his family the best, sorry to hear about it but thanks for letting us know. We have followed this year for along time.


For those who want to show support for Patrick, his family or the Donate for Life campaign- here is a picture you can share on your Facebook.


Honor a true enthusiast of life.


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Patrick, you will never imagine how much we are going to miss you buddy. You fought till the end, and I am proud of you for that. I do know that you will be watching over all of us, and we are grateful for the time we all had with you. I will continue to keep your family, friends, and loved ones in my thoughts. Also besides flying the donate life flag on Cajun King, we are going to also think of another way to honor you on the trucks. After all, its because of you and teaching me about donate life, that we fly the flags proud and preach the good word of organ donation. God Speed buddy.


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RIP Patrick, when i first seen the update on facebook saying that you were accepted to recieve the transplant i didnt think there was any question that you'd make it through this, really sucks. Never got to meet you but talked to you here and there on facebook and on here, sure looks like ive missed out on meeting a great person. But you wont have any heart problems now your in a better place.......


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i spent about twenty minutes trying to come up with a post to describe how i feel, and nothing came out right. rest in peace brother. you were one of the best.


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My thoughts and prayers got to Patrick's family. I didnt ever meet him but buy reading through these posts it seem like the monster truck industry has lost one of the finest people around.

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rip to an amazing man, though i have only talked to him through the early days of mayhem chat night he was always willing to answer dang near anything asked, this guy was an amazing person, sad to hear but godspeed to you buddy