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Hello everyone.

I am new to the forum so hello to you all first. I joined the forum as I made a decision to relive my childhood and buy an old Playskool Bigfoot, and now I need some help. It arrived today looking in reasonable condition with the expected peeling stickers but not to worry :)

The problem I have is that the back axle gear is cracked open and just jams when you switch it on. The front axle gear is not too bad so I removed the rear gear and now I have a front wheel drive only Bigfoot.

My question is can these gears (24 tooth) be obtained from anywhere? I am in the UK if that is of any help.

Hope someone has a solution for this problem as my son was looking forward to getting this as much as me.

Cheers everyone.



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Let me see what I can find out for you about the gears. I have a good collection of these. And so do my buddies. I do have reproduction decals if you are looking for some.


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Hello Mike.

Thanks for replying. Any help would be really good. I've been scratching my head whilst looking on internet looking for gears (far to complicated for me). The reproduction decals sounds really cool and I would be very interested in a set please.


It's these gears that are cracked....
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