Playskool SST collection for sale

Jason Twite

I present to you the motherload...

(details follow each item)

Item #1: Bigfoot in well-played and well-faded condition. As you can see, decals are pretty well faded, missing key, faded body. Not the best shape but nothing hanging off or broken. Rolls straight, front axle slightly bent.

Item #2: Another Bigfoot in much better shape. Not much fading, all decals there, no bed cover or key. Can't get the truck into a full neutral position so it grinds if you push it forward or back. No idea if it runs.

Item #3: Orange Blossom Special. Excellent shape, nothing missing, great piece and it runs! Instruction manual included.

Item #4: Freakin' Mint condition War Lord puller. These babies don't show up often. Runs and pulls and you get the manual. Nothing bad to say about this one.

Item #5: And you thought it couldn't get any better....Black Gold! :eek: Runs, pulls, roll and it doesn't have a blemish on it. Manual comes with it.

Item #6: Got to have something to pull your new vehicles around, right?! The SST trailer, also with manual. Trailer is missing the front box cover and all the little accessories with it: the cones, fake wheel jacks. Hooks right up to the back of all SST vehicles.

Item #7: Of course, all the SST's are made to pull so you have to have a sled! Awesome old school piece, just wish it was totally mint; I might not sell it! lol Sled is missing the weight balance box that hooks to the front of the SST puller and is missing the stock rubber band that connects the axle to the weight transfer box so it actually moves when the truck pulls. Just need another rubber bad or hair tie to make it go. Overall, great shape.

Only thing missing is the SST Performance Center and you'd have the entire SST collection!

Unlike my previous sales, this one is not a "make an offer, you get it." If you're a collector, you know these are rare and command a good price. The two Bigfoots and the trailer I'm not so worried about, feel free to make any offer.

I will listen to offers for each item and the whole lot. All items will have shipping tacked on. Shipping for the whole lot would be $20.

Shoot me a PM or e-mail [email protected] and we'll talk.



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DUDE u should save that suff thats a gold mine right there - side note he he its my 500 post Hot Dame

Jason Twite

Bumpin' this thread up. So far very little response which I'm surprised by. Last call for offers otherwise they'll probably be off to ebay.


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I'm not aware of any SST crush cars. Do you know something I don't? :)
Yes, there were SST crush cars. I had them with my SST...they were light plastic, and broke down fairly quickly (I remember cracks forming in the set I had very quickly). This might account for why none are ever seen.


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Were they red and yellow? I have some plastic crush cars that are red and yellow from some set, but I dont recall which one.


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The cars were white, blue and orange. I have a full original set still in the box without the decals applied.

Jason Twite

OHHHHHH!!! that thing!! yes yes of course. I do have that, slipped my mind. Mine was opened, stilll have the box, but it sits unfolded with a Bigfoot on the cars.

Jason Twite

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