Psycho puller


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Hey guys, I know this isn't a monster truck question but I was wondering if anyone had pictures or info on the old 2wd wheelstand puller called Psycho. It was the white Econoline. Thanks in advance. MK


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That is bloody awesome man!!! I remember seeing that truck at Joe Louis arena in Detroit in 85. Thanks very much for posting that.


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Absolutely awesome ,That truck made ,many stops in St.Louis along with a another favorite of mine ,Orange Blossom Special . Two of my favorites all time !


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I wonder what happend to all of those famous pullers of the 80's? Those like Psycho, Orange Blossom Special, Green Monster, etc. Are they still around or rotting in fields or something? Just wondering. I know this is a monster truck forum so i'll just leave it at that.


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Would anyone else have any pics of Psycho?? I think the truck is still around, however not in use, somewhere around Port Huron Michigan I think.. I should see if I could maybe track it down. Alan Gaines I am not too sure what happend to him, remember he had the Train/Tank monster truck. I think it was called the Orange Blossom Express. And he had the twin engine 2wd puller. Man those were some wicked machines. Yeah there is footage of Psycho in the Battle of the Monster Trucks video.

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Gaines is apparently still around and doing pulls in Kentucky. There was a website a few years back that had pics of the wheelstander at an indoor show, but those are gone now. I Googled the truck to see if the site had moved, and instead came up with the KTPA site, which has pics of his super-mod 4WD going apart on him at a recent pull:


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I saw the video from an event with Orange Blossom Express for the first time yesterday and about drowned in my Gatorade. That is easily the weirdest thing anyone ever called a monster truck...weirder than Brutte Boss Hog, weirder than any of the fibreglass stuff today. Gaines got beat to DEATH inside that thing..his helmet actually falls off half way through the race and you can see him cracking his head on the roll bar. I had to step back and think about what his friends would have said to him...So Alan, you are gonna take a train...and combine it with a tank...and call it...A TRUCK?!?!? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...

How about the Budweiser Boss? THAT was maybe the baddest machine ever built. Nothing could stop it.


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The OBS tank was a wierd one. If I remember it right, the reason he was bouncing that bad in the "cab" is because he had an air ride seat out of a semi and he was being thrown around. He change it not long after. Bet he had a bad case of whiplash!!! :)
The Bud Boss still lives:
That was one bad machine. Those were the days.


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Since there seems to be some interest in this topic here is one of the fews pics I have of Psycho, it came out of a 1985 USHRA event program. Enjoy


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Sweet Picture!

I drive by Grand Blanc every day.... And have tried calling information on my phone to get George's phone number... I would love to see if the truck is still there in one piece somewhere... If anyone has his number or would know how to contact him i would love to stop by and get some pics of the truck! BTW... Does anyone have any good pics of Orange Blossom Special the wheelie truck? I spoke with Allen Gaines about 3 years ago on the phone, and he says he still gets calls from people asking how the trucks are...

And in case you are wondering, All the trucks, Except the tank are in full running/pulling condition.

I wanted to go down and get some up close shots for a future pulling RC truck I plan on building. We just ordered our CNC machine, and I already have the drivetrain selected for the project. The rear axle will be independantly braked so that I can steer the truck in mid air like he did with the real thing.

Another note about OBS2 is that he had a weightbox operated with a hydraulic cylinder that would move the weight back and forth so he could adjust his wheelie. He also said he gave the truck throttle with a hands because his feet were busy steering.

-I miss those old trucks, I wish they would bring back some of the classics to the modern shows!