R.I.P. George Eisenhart


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Photo by Ross Bonar, The Monster Blog.com, used with permission.

I am making an official post, once again, asking for cooperation from the board members.

*Edit Sun Jan 25th*

We can confirm that George Eisenhart Jr. has passed away due to injuries suffered at his Monster Nationals event in Madison Wisconsin on Saturday January 24th. As a race between Samson and Holman's Beast was concluded, George, who was announcing at the event as he does with many of his shows, stepped out onto the floor the arena, accidentally right in front of Samson as Patrick was attempting to return to the pit area. George did succumb to injuries suffered from the accident late last evening, media was not allowed into the hospital until this afternoon when the official word came out from various local media sources.

Eisenhart ran Image Promotions which promotes the popular Monster Nationals series of events. Eisenhart was also a key member in the reorganization of the MTRA bringing it to its current status today.

The Sunday afternoon event scheduled in Madison has obviously been cancelled. No word currently on what will happen to the remaining 2009 Monster Nationals scheduled events.

Please use this thread to post your condolences to the Eisenhart family, the Monster Nationals crew, and the many others that George touched during his career in the industry. We ask that you do not post any videos of the accident in this thread, due to the direct capture of the incident.. You may post any news article links that you find relevant to the situation.

Thank you. Monster Mayhem Administration (Bryan Wagner, Jason Twite, Andrew Pellegrine, Cale Putnam, & Brandon Clark)

-My personal note-

This is obviously another devastating turn in the industry, I as many of the others who I have spoken with are devastated over the circumstances. I am not nor will I place blame on anyone involved, this was simply the second tragic accident in as many weeks. My sincere condolences goes out to the Eisenhart family above all else, as well as the teams that ran with Image Promotions for numerous seasons, the track crews, and everyone else George effected during his tenure. He will be deeply missed by everyone.
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This just gave me the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hope everything turns out okay for him


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I certainly hope everyone involved is able to pull through this. They will be in my thoughts


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I am stunted right now. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim, his family, and the Monster Nationals team.



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Best wishes to all involved, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all.
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Wow I'm sick to my stomach right now and after watching that video it just got even worse. Unbelievable what these past two weeks have been like, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.