R.I.P. George Eisenhart


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My thoughts and prayers go out to George's family and the rest of the Monster Nationals crew. I did not know George but I do no the things he did for monster trucks. he will be missed by all. thanks for every all your hard work Mike


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This is so incredibly sad. My condolences to the Eisenhart family, friends, and all concerned. Rest in peace George.


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I never had the pleasure of meeting George, but my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, along with Dan Patrick.


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Our Family at Vinyl Images extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Geo. Please...everyone keep in your thoughts his family and all the people that he has touched. He will be truly missed...


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Though I only attended one show that George was at (MTC Gateway last year), I thought he did a great job announcing the event with Kyle Doyle.

RIP George, you will be sorely missed, and my thoughts are with your wife and two children.


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George did an incredible amount for this industry and brought smiles to the faces of so many fans over the last 15+ years--he will be sorely missed. I feel privileged to have known him and worked with him on several occasions. My heart goes out to his family and his close friends, I can't imagine what they are going through right now. All of them will be in our thoughts and prayers.


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I don't know what to say~ i am still pretty shocked and saddened by this. George was an awesome man, my family attended many MANY monster nationals (there really was no where else we would rather be). He was our favorite promoter & announcer with out a doubt. What i dont know if many of you know is that George Was monster nationals... he wasnt just an announcer. He was the promoter, the announcer the whole thing..He started monster nationals when he was young and made it into what it is today. He booked some of the nicest people ever. & because of one show 7 yrs ago my son is just as hooked as some of you grown men.

George didnt know us on a personal level but he did know that we traveled many miles just for his shows. His shows were our families favorites. Monster nationals is such close organization. I feel so horrible for everyone because they are all like an extended family to each other. I cant imagine their pain right now. Monster nationals and the teams that ran for George, his family and the track officials are in my thoughts.. seek comfort from each other cause that is the only way to heal from something like this.

His shows were always so top notch. I can't believe he is gone...RIP George.
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I don't think I have ever gotten cold chills like this before.

This really has shocked me. My thoughts and prayers are to his family and friends, and fellow workers who he embraced. When I talked to him last year he definately seemed like a highly lively person, nothing but spirit and passion for his craft.

I also hope that Dan can pull this this unfortunate accident. Endure and be strong Dan.


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May George rest in peace, he will be sorely missed by all those who loved monster truck racing.

I have made a card and had it signed to be displayed at his funeral/viewing. Does anyone know where I can have it sent to? It has well over 100 signatures and personal messages. PM me with info so it goes to the right place.


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My condolences to everyone involved,,,,,,,truly a sad thing th read about. Lets support each other in this tragic time and pray for everyone.



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Here's the card I made that I would like to send their way, it's intended to be displayed at the funeral/viewing. If TheMonsterBlog guys don't like me using their image, I will gladly change it..





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Our deepest regards to everyone involved and the family. There is never a good way or time to loose someone. If we must, go then may we be lucky enough to be doing what we love most.
Chris Thornton


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I've been struggling to find a way to put into words how much I'm going to miss George. All I can think about is all times I've spent with him. I can't even begin to do the man justice in words. Elliot's video is amazing, but everyone who knew him knows that nothing short of knowing and working with George could make you realize what a dedicated, caring, and talented person he was.

To have worked with him when I was with the Halls was a blessing. To shoot photos at his shows on my own was a privelage. To have announced my first show alongside him was an honor beyond description. To have considered him a friend was so priceless, it cannot be overstated. To not have the chance to say goodbye is gut wrenching. To be asked just a few weeks ago by Geo to announce his East Lansing show on my own is a blessing, a privelage, and a priceless honor. The feeling one gets from having the respect of someone like George is indescribeable. He truly made everyone arround him feel like they had won the lottery just by being with him.

One need not agree with his opinions or policies or way of doing things to understand and respect what an vital, progressive, positive force he was in the industry. If George didn't exude class with his events, then I don't know what class means.

I miss you George. Its just not fair. Keep an eye on us...we still need your help.



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Oh no, 2 freak accidents like this in less than a month! This is terrible! My thoughts and prayers go out to George, his family, Dan Patrick, and all those who had to see this.

RIP George Eisenhart. :( I was hoping I'd never have to say anything like that ever again.


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It's been 2 days now and this still hasn't sunk in.

I first met George in 2003 at his show in Madison, WI. He gave our little RC club the opportunity to do exhibitions at a couple of his events that year. Giving people opportunities is one of the things George Eisenhart did the best. No matter who you were, if you were a part of his Monster Nationals team, he treated you with respect and gave you the chance to contribute in whatever way you could.

George Eisenhart took great care of those who worked for him, and worked with him. In turn, those who had the privilege to be a part of the Monster Nationals family were eager to return the favor. Camaraderie was a way of life on his tour. Everyone who was at his shows was there because they wanted to be.

I didn’t realize at first how passionate he was about the monster truck industry, until I worked for him fulltime in 2006. I learned more from him in that one year than I even knew what to do with at the time. George was constantly looking for ways to improve his game, and to build on his little niche in the industry. He started with 4 events his first year, and slowly grew it into what it is today. He had the wisdom to take things slowly and not get in over his head, or over his budget. He was not one to make hasty decisions. He was also honest. Whether it be for better or for worse, he would tell you the truth. He never had to raise his voice. I’ve never met anyone in this industry that was on his level of professionalism.

George loved his family. His wife was often there at the events to help out.. He always spoke highly of her and their children. He was also very close with his father, George Sr. If you were at a Monster Nationals, chances are there was at least one other member of his family there too.

I had one last chance to see George last summer when he announced the Monster Truck Challenge race in St. Louis. I was excited to be there to see a lot of the guys I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. You never know when the last time will be.

These last 2 weeks have been hard on this industry and everyone involved in it. It really hit home for me personally when I realized I couldn’t tell my wife that I would come home safe from the next show, because there’s no way to promise that nothing will happen to me. Accidents can happen to any of us.

But as my father told me, if you don’t get back on the horse, you’re going to have an awful long ways to walk.

My thoughts and prayers are with George’s family, as well as Dan Patrick and his family. I hope that enough love and support can find you and help you down this long, rough road.

Rest in peace, Geo. Thanks for everything.

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George E. and Our Industry

Dear Monster Truck Teams, Promoters, Fans and Industry People.

As we all know we have suffered a Tremendous Loss, from a Tragic Accident! George was a Class Operation, and well respected for what he achieved. There are No Words to make things better, only actions to Show how much we care.

My thoughts and Prayers are now with His Wife, his 2 Children, his crew, his Drivers, and what they built with his Events "Monster Truck Nationals". Nothing will bring George back!

I feel that this is the time for the one's that are suffering, his Family, Drivers and Friends to pull together (as I am sure he would want) to help his wife and 2 Children survive. I know the grieving will take a long time, but reality is here and now, and George's next Show is next week!

I feel it is very important for any Industry People that can lend a hand, step up to the plate, (if they are needed) so George's 1st Quarter Dates continue to benifit his Family. I am sure that is what he would want. (His Wife and Children, I am sure were his Life).

I know Some Race Teams may feel They have had it! But this is the time to Help his family. I am sure his Crew at Monster Truck Nationals are Professionals and can move forward, but they need to know that there are Industry People that are there to help if they need it!

George spent 16 Years building his Business, and his Dates, and I honestly think they should always be Monster Truck National Dates, and treated as "Hands Off" so the Family has something to take care of his Children that just lost their Father.

On a Side Note: I 1st met Dan Patrick 20 something years ago in Ariz. with Tony Vacarro, and Bob George. He was doing his Pulling with the Funny Cars back then. Dan was then, and continue's to be a CLASS ACT..........This was an ACCIDENT my friend!!!!!Nothing could have prevented it! Our Sport Needs the Dan Patricks, you are Old School, and you are a Major part of our History!!! Please hang in there!

Sorry to ramble guys, but I had to voice my opinion on this Tragic Event, as I have been on that floor 1,000's of times in George's Shoes, and I know had the tables been turned, these are the things I would want to see.

If there is anything I can do to help in any way, I am here to Help!

Rest in Peace! From one Promoter to another!


Steve Quercio


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I don't have much to add that hasn't already been posted.

I didn't know George personally, but I can understand the loss this industry has suffered.

It's a very bad situation for everyone involved and unfortunately it looks like it truely was an accident and not anything that could have been prevented.

My thoughts are with George's family and friends in this difficult time.