R.I.P. George Eisenhart


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I never had the pleasure of meeting George, but did get to watch him announce the Wildwood,NJ event in 2006. He was the best announcer I Have ever heard in the 20yrs that I have attended monster truck shows, you could tell from the way he reacted to seeing Dan Runte stop Bigfoot on the tailgate how much he really loved the sport, really sad that he was taken the way he was. God Bless his family, and may he rest in peace.


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Ive been very lost for words the pass couple of days but Elliots video made me smile and think of all the good times we all had with George. I will always remember all the miles George, Scott, Sean and I logged togther in the motorhome. And in his word we were all super trucker that never missed a shift lol (the motorhome is automatic)!
My Heart goes out to Georges family and friends.I hope Donna and the girls can find the strenght to be make it though this hard and trying time. If it has not been said on here a hundred times I will say it again you three ladies were your husband and fathers world, the sun rose and set on you three. He was always talking about the family at home when we were on the road. And the adventures he had had with you.
Ive only worked with George since last january but almost right a way he made me feel like one of the family and part of the team. I would like to thank him for just beening him he never mind taking a few minutes to explain something or show you how something worked. So at this time id like to salute him for that Thanks Again George.
As far as the rest of the Family-(the monster nationals family- the weekend regulars-u know who u are) my heart goes out to all of you too. We all witness a very tragic turn events on saturday night but in life when things like this happen not only to bring you together but makes you stronger. I hope I will never lose the friendships I have made thought the monster nationals events. These events were filled with lots of love and fellowship. This group of people means alot to me, they are close to my heart.
I hope and pray for you all, those of you I have met and those I have not. We are all on the same page right now that we miss George and wish we could have done anything to change what happened. But sometimes God does things that make you say WHY!
On that note I would like to say Ill miss you George and everytime i see a flying j/truck wash ill think of you and the 5 dolla dvd movies/ and washing the motorhome. So Far well and Rest In Peace Super Trucker George/ This Super Trucker Ian Aka mater. Sayin ill see u on the flipside.


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As I enter my 20th year as an event photographer, hearing the news about George really slowed me down and put life into perspective. I too have had the privilege of working with George off and on over the years. When I first met George I saw right away that his passion for the sport, his family and his friends was second to none. I feel I'm truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful motorsports community, and having known George really helps me appreciate it all the more. We will all miss you, but never forget you my friend.

Dan, you've been a cherished friend for many years. You're dedication, inspiration and passion has earned you the respect and caring of countless hearts throughout the world. Over the years your innovation and competitive spirit has helped millions take their minds off of their hard times and have some fun. Now is the time for all of those friends and fans to do the same for you. Take some time and reflect on the incredible gift you’ve given to so many over the years, myself included, and let it put a smile on your face and help you heal. I know George would want it that way.

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i met george 1 time. Very class act. I am not a big fan of small arena shows, or shows that are on concrete, but this man was able to get the most out of his drivers and the most out of a venue. awsome job, he will be missed.

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I've thought alot about what to say and still have trouble finding the words. I'm really struggling with the fact that I'll never get to hear one of his great speaches at the MTRA meeting or talk to him on the phone again. And I hope that doesn't sound selfish because I can't imagine the loss his family and other friends feel right now.

George was a great man and it was an honor serving with him during my resendency on the MTRA Board. I was glad he was there many a time. He was always a voice of reason and I came to deeply respect the love he had for this Industry. He had a true burden on his heart to make this Industry better and to see the MTRA become a greater service to it.

I knew George through one facit of his life, but from what I have learned through others discussing him, he applied the same integrety to all parts of his life. Knowing this makes it an even greater honor to consider George a friend.

George I will always miss you but more so, I will cherish the memories I have and will always take to heart what I learned from you. I will honor you the best way I know how, by trying to continue what you have done for the MTRA.

Until we meet again, someday;


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I attended the January 24, 2009 Monster National event with my family. I don't think I could find the words to express what or how I feel. George... Dan... and your families, I am so sorry. You will forever be in my prayers.
Very sad to hear this news, was very shocked to see how it happened obviously a freak accident as I had hear he was all about saftey #1. Prayers go out for his family.