Race Teams


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We would like to wish all the race teams good luck this year and be on the look out for the new trucks:

Mechanical Mischief, Storm Damage, Robo Machine, Bad Boy Bigfoot and Desperado.

Forgot to mention: Look for the new Bad Boy Bigfoot and Checkered Flag Tour shirts we did!

Thank you to all!

Steelskinz Graphics

Big Ron

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Steel Skinz = Class Acts, great job with all of the wraps this year Nick and Team!!!

2010 is gearing up to be a great year!!

Jus Show N Off

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Any pics of the new wrap on Mechanical Mischeif? If some were posted apparently I missed it. I was a fan of the simplicity of its old style, so I'll be intrigued to see what you guys came up with.


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Great now I can say something now that its out about Mechanical Mischief. I live fairly close to the shop and was able to be there while the truck was wrapped by Nick from Steel Skins.....it looks awesome. The truck has a whole new attitude now. I am real curious to see how it looks all tired up. Thanks to Nick and Jim for letting me come out and visit and for the invite out for dinner.
Looking forward to doing one of my rc clod bodies with this design on it.

Good luck to Jim and nice seeing you again Nick.