Redmond Oregon


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Redmond, OR

Please, please get us results for that event. We have a hard time finding J&K events.



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I was suppose to be in Billings this weekend.... I had to bail on that as well as not going to Redmond this year. I am headed to Nebraska instead to visit my kid and meet my grandson "Sam" who is due for birth any minute now.

My next show will be Tacoma.


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MAMH121890NWATNA, if you could ask around to see if you can get at least who won the finals, and who was in the semi-finals for Friday night when you are there, that would help us out a lot, thanks!


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Track: Minni style

Friday night Linsey Weenk in Iron Outlaw beat Daron Basl in El Matador in the finals.

Saturday night: Round 1: Iron Outlaw defeated Madusa, Crush Out Breast Cancer Bigfoot defeated El Matador, and Bounty Hunter got a bye run because King Krunch broke something in the rear end in qualifying.

Semi Finals: Iron Outlaw defeated El Matador, and Bounty Hunter defeated Crush Out Cancer Bigfoot.

Finals: Bounty Hunter defeated El Matador. Iron Outlaw couldn't get started because of a electrical problem with the starter.

The show was pretty good despite half the trucks having mechanical problems. I also saw Linsey Weenk at Shari's this morning after I got done eating breakfast. I should have talked to him but I didn't.