Hey there- I am still looking for a used birch truck rii. Can anyone help? I also found this on Birch RII site. Wow glad I wasn't there.

Hello all. Just got a surprised visit from the FCC. today about our RII'S. They check every RII we have to make sure they were all narrowed banned. To say the least we passed with flying colors . Just an FYI to the promoters there was a MT promoter that recived a 5000 dollar fine for not having the Transmitters narrow banded. If you are not up to date I would highly recommend you do. Promoters and owners. For the owners that have them updated thank you. We strive for excellent service to our customers.


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You might as well buy a new one as a used one for sale(if any) would have to be updated anyways. There is a transmitter(used) on Racingjunk.com


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I've heard a lot of good about the MUDD RII. I'd try them, seem to be much better service than birch by far. and the MUDD RII works just as good as any other. Talk to John Mudd of Motorsport Communications at 866-966-8672