Runte at Canfield


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The Monster Blog's Canfield pictures made me slightly curious. Anyone know why Dan Runte wasn't driving #16? Or was it #16 with a different body? Maybe because he damaged the body at RPM fest? It seems like they had enough time to get the regular body back in order since then.

Anyway, black and blue looks way better, IMHO. I doubt if Summit likes it as much though.

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He had the Summit Body at Bloomsburg, which was after RPM Fest. It looked to be in new condition when I looked at it. Maybe Canfield had a Jegs event sponsorship. I duno.


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I was talking with Paul (dirtyharry) at the race and he was guessing that it was probably something to do with the pro comp tires being a big sponsor at that race.

Logically that makes sense to me but I don't know for sure.


ya i talked to runte at the show and he said that he was running the black and blue body just for the event, even though summit probably wouldn't have liked it.