Russia: Do not drive there

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Best 13 minutes of your day will be watching this video:


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That's awesome. I watched probably 20 Russian driving vids on youtube. A lot of these clips were on there. In the clip where the silver SUV is driving through the puddle, the car had cut off the SUV and he timed it just right for the splash to go through the open passenger side window.
Everybody has cameras, and their muzik is terrible. Makes you want to fly over there and play bumper cars. Don't forget the optional insurance on your rental (Days of Thunder comes to mind). Hop on a plane and get tha F out.


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And I thought there were some dumb drivers around here! How are any of them still alive??? (No offense meant to any Russian members we may have)


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China has really bad car accidents. Not as bad as Russia though. There are a lot of Hit and runs in China.


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What's with people driving on the wrong side of the road in Russia?

Also, at 4:01, apparently Russians like to place traps in the middle of intersections. It's like something out of a cartoon... that doesn't even look possible.

EDIT- The guy at 4:51 is indestructible.
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Here in Finland, being border neighbors with Russia, we have a lot of those kamikaze's in our traffic too. You have to be very cautious when you see a car with Russian plates out there!:mad: