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So most everyone on here knows that there are two diffrent south american tours goin on right now, and I am apart of one of those tours. The friends I have made in this industry over the years and the ones I have at home know that monster trucks are my dream come true. I invested everything I have into starting my own team last year and have made it work so far. So in april of this year I was offered a spot on the AMTA's tour thru south america along with Git-r-done, Robo Machine, Twisted Dragon, Dragon fly, Triple X, and Project X. To me this is a good group of guys to work with and was a great oppertunity for myself and my new wife to see another part of the world, plus it was guarrented work, so why not? I have been over seas twice before with wildfire motorsports and things were great. As for this trip it started out good we got there to venezuala did four shows the first weekend out and packed the house each show, and had a great time. Then we loaded up and headed to the next town.............................So we thought. After spending 3 weeks in chile doin nothing we were sent home and told would be returning in 8 days to go back to racing, that was july and im still hear at home. thats right we got sent home and we left all of our personal belongings down in chile, and havent seen it yet, BUT the worst of it is we hadnt seen our trucks and equipment sence it left from the last show. well after 3 months of lies from AMTA and its buisness partner. Rob French and RB Molor flew back down there on there own money and have been trying to get things goin and straighten out but with no luck. and as of this mourning I have found out that besides the fact that I havent been paid in 12 weeks I also have to come up with about 30,000.00 to get my truck back to the states. Now I want to remind everyone I am an indie doin this with NO sponsors and trying to pay for a monster truck and a house and all the regular bills in life with out bein paid is very hard. I have sold everything that i could sell this summer to keep food on the table. And every week it has been a lie that we were goin back to work. Not to mention the AMTA knows that my wife has a heart condition and her medication is in chile. so twice this summer I have had her in the hospital becuase of her not having her medication. I would jump on a plane in a second to go get it for her but there again WE HAVE NOT BEEN PAID IN 12 WEEKS. so that cant happen either. Im not trying to poor mouth on here im just venting and im very stressed,and scared. If I lose that monster truck I will lose my house and all my family's land that they have worked so hard to get over the years. AND I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! I have shows lined up for first quarter and im not goin to miss them im goin to make this monster truck thing work i dont know how or were im goin to come up with that much money so any suggestions would be great. Im asking the monster truck world to help us all out spread the word and helps all of us get our stuff back home.
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**** Kevin that sucks to read!! After working with yall at that mess of a show in Bithlo I know yall are good people and a class act and I hate to see this happen to good hardworking people.

After Bigfoot 9 I've been wary of any overseas (especially South America) shows... hope you can get this worked out though!! Let me know if theres any way to help, and good luck!


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That is really unfortunate to hear :eek: I sincerely hope you get this straightened out soon, because thats not right at all. Good luck to you! :)

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AMTA? Thats Rev right? I suggest people should stop working with him, I've heard nothing but bad about him when it comes to oversea or over the border shows. He's almost cost various drivers there trucks while performing down in SA.

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Sounds like you need some back up... I also wonder if your trucks have been performing in the meantime... Is this 30 grand to be paid to US customs or some third party?

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holy crap, kevin im sorry to hear that. yeah dude, get a lawyer if you can.
make them pay the 30 grand to ship your truck back over:mad:

although now that this has been brought to our attention, im sure something will come up and everything will be ok in the end. more importantly, i hope your wife will be ok.

guys i say let's keep this thread alive and at the top as much as we can!

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Ridiculous is the first word that comes to my mind after reading about your situation.

Hopefully things work out for you and everyone else.


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HI Kevin,
Just a couple ideas for you. Call Bob Chandler or even the fleet manager for Feld. Bob might have an idea on where and what steps to take next. As for Feld, love them or hate them, they take monster trucks and circus property all over the world and come back with it. They might be able to assist you as well. Give it a shot. maybe they'll give you a hand.
Stay strong Keven,
rob "Kreepy1"

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Kevin that is a terrible situation. As said already, people NEED to stop working with Rev, all it does is keep him in this industry and allow him to keep on with his shady business practices that in end up hurting teams like you and everyone who has trucks down there. I really hope everything works out for you and you get your truck back in good shape.


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Wow, that's quite a dilemma Kevin. I'd hate to see another Bigfoot 9 sort of situation with your truck. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get it back. Nothing against Feld, but if an Independent promoter wants to survive in this industry, they're gonna have to do things right to keep up with bigger promotion companies. And shady business like this sure isn't the correct way to keep drivers coming back to drive for these guys.


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Rev Procknow is the biggest piece of **** in this entire industry. I can't believe he isn't hanging from a tree yet. No insurance. No guarantees. No real contracts. Its all ******** with him.

southern excitement

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first off thank you to everyone so far that has commented on this. I am very streed out over all of this, but im not throwing in the towel. I will get the money somehow to get my truck back to the states. I do know that Rob and RB have seen the trucks and they are all still in one piece, but thats only 5 % of the problem solved the other 95% is getting them home. Im not 100% sure about the rest of the MT owners but as far as myself is concerned that monster truck is my ONLY source of income for me and my wife and with out it thare is no other way to pay bills. there has been many diffrent occasions this summer were our power was turned off or phones, and i know for a week there the only thing we had in our house to eat was a loaf of bread and some ketchup. but every week we kept getting told money was goin to be there in a few days, or we were flying back down there to go back to work in a few more days. So my wife and I just dealt with it and worked thru it trying to keep our hopes up. We couldnt go out a try to find a job somewere and start working for someone and quit two or three days later to fly back to SA. But I have waited long enough to post this and if it makes anyone mad oh well im sorry but I'm venting out alittle bit of stress and hopeing someone out there may help me out some how. Alot of people post to get a lawyer but that requires money and ive done sold everything i have that i can sell to put food on the table so thats out of the question. i also saw were someone posted about asking feld to help and as far fetched as it may seem if I knew who to ask I would. I know they have no reason to help out a couple of indeis, but Im to the point were I will do anything to get my truck back. thanks again guys for supporting this sport the way you do and for supporting me in your thoughts and prayers


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If some of those indies have been on tour with feld ( like Triple X at Vegas, Get Er Done/Robo Machine doing shows ) I would think they could help out in some form with a few pointers. Anyway Hope everyone gets through this !


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I hope you get your trucks back here to the states! If I found out anything to help you guys I will!


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Maybe I just misread and didn't understand, but who exactly made you leave the country and why would everything be just left there? Did the promoter or someone stay back with the equipment to make sure it remained safe? Was it put in a storage facility or something? I'm just a little confused as to what the circumstances were.

Thanks and good luck!


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S.A. Tours War truth by Mike Fonder

We at A.P.Motorsports would like to set the record straight about South America. We have no beef with the talent for AMTA, in fact we are trying to help them get their equipment back to the states with the help of Mike Quintero and Dima Cargo of Miami,Florida. Mike's company specializes in International shipping and he is gonna do whatever he can to help them evan though the AMTA tried to stop his shipping of our trucks to South America.

Now let me first explain what has all happened to us. Upon leaving Miami, Florida the AMTA submitted false paper work to U.S.Customs that we had a stolen monster truck in our manifest of trucks. Well this held up our equipment for three days that made us move our first show date in Colombia. Now it did not end there, then they tried it again with Colombian Customs and well that backfired as our shipping agaent Mike Quintero had the paperwork to prove it false.

Now the next move pissed me off big time but it is what it is! Raul Morales who is Rev Prochnow-real name Dale Prochnow's business partner therefor the name R&R Productions. Raul went all over South America and bad mouthed me and my company that i was a fake, our tour was a fake and that i have never had ran a monster truck show ever! Well my promoters wanted me to fly down and do a press conferance and fight fire with fire! I said no, just let us get to South America . Then the press will see we are for real and have a great crew of talent on board! It worked as when we arrived the press was all over us asking if we are fake! We simply said here we are and here is our equipment, come see the show and make your own decission. Thank you press of South America!! You have been very helpfull to the Monster Truck War Tour and done us rite.

Now the thing that really took my wife and i for a loop was Raul Morales calling us and giving us death threats if we went to South America! Now the F.B.I. is involved and are waiting for Raul Morales to return to the U.S. for questioning about the threats to my wife and i.

Now we do not care what has happened to us or our tour! Here is the bottum line these guys are Americans and i am gonna do whatever i can to help them get their equipment back to the states so they can move on with their lifes. So yes monster truck community lets please support these guy's as they did nothing wrong here. The AMTA and R&R Productions are the ones responsible for ruining these guys life's and livelyhood's. So as i said please lets show these guy's some support as they try to recover from the screwin they are taking from the AMTA!!

Rev you might want to crawl under a rock and hide! Cause after this is all over with you aint gonna be able to sell a spider man inflatable toy or checkered flag!

Mike Fonder President of A.P.Motorsports


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Kevin it kills me to hear what you are going through. One reason my truck doesnt do a lot of shows is that I have always worried about something happening and me not being able to provide for my family. So my truck sits idle and I goto a normal job. I think all of us who have met you have cheered you on as you worked your way up from a crewmember to and actual owner operator. You have working your tail off to own your own truck and for this to happen is a nightmare. We are pulling for you bud. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Mike, what has caused the problems with AMTA in SouthAmerica?? Did Rev just take the money and run?? To tell you the truth I was told thats what happened in the past down there leaving trucks stranded (wasnt it Rev last time too??). Those horror stories are why I turned down your offer to run HawgWild with your current AP Motorsports tour (and I would have lost my job lol). Even with the grief you get on this board you have still put on your shows and done your truck owners right. Hope you and your connections can help out our fellow monstertruckers.

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I personally dont know anything about any false paperwork that AMTA used to screw with mike's tour. (im not saying it didnt happen, im just saying if it did none of the MT drivers knew about it) I supported mike's tour the whole time and all the other drivers and myself were hopeing mike's tour and our tour went smoothly and everyone was treated right. Now as far as that Raul guy mike talked about "yes" i can see him trying to strat trouble I promise you when I get my stuff back and I get my hands on him it isnt goin to be a good day for him, for many reasons... He is the main reason this trip has gone bad and it turned into 3 months worth of lies all becasue of him.

MIKE--- If you need anything from me call me I will take all the help I can get to get my stuff back.

once again thanks guys


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Kevin, my brother. You know that I am behind you with everything, and that you and the wife are in my thoughts. I know you will get the truck back and then we will go kick some *** 1st quarter. Keep you head up, and keep it on straight. I know someone who visits this site is BOUND to be able to help. If I had any money at all, I would be sending it your way. You and the family are good people, and I hate it when good people get screwed. **** your like a brother to me, spending time on the road this past year was awesome.

I will also say this, but first pretend that I don't help Kev out or do anything with Southern Sunshine, keep that in mind as I say this. Rev, IF I ever see you (or someone points me out to you) you are getting a beat down. I am sure this goes with other high strung crew members/ drivers. I also hear he has some "goons" that handle stuff for him, let it be known that I also don't care about that. (Sorry mods, I know its a threat, but in this situation, could you blame someone? btw its a promise in case that helps)
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Im very sorry this has happened to you. I know how much of a hole you are in and i know you will get ur truck back soon and get back at the AMTA Motorsports people, (sueing them is best but i know of the money bind you are in). I will try to help you in anyway possible!