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hello today I'm going to tell you about an old monster truck called sin city crusher and burnin money their story Darren cox in 2006 about to buy the chassis of wildfire terminator after the tragic death of Calvin Tarrington the driver of this monster truck then the men of sin city team have bought the chassis of spellcaster a monster truck which belongs to tg short it was a team truck to spellcaster after the injury to the back of tg short he had to stop driving the monster truck and more late the sin city crusher team transform it into the main sin city crusher and the old wildfire chassis into burnin money then in 2013 the sin city crusher chassis was burned in a fire but I would like to know if the truck is in reconstruction course because on the wiki page it says that the chassis is in the process of being rebuilt and I would like to know if it is true and also what has become of the chassis of burnin money the chassis of wildfire and the crew sin city crusher thanks