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Well after a 14-hour excursion I am back home from a chilly Whynot Motorsports Park in Meridian Mississippi. The monster trucks ran a gigantic "C" shaped course (half a lap chicago style) which had these trucks rockin in high gear around the track for racing, not to mention two van stacks and a big tough truck course as well.

Friday night started off with the wheelie contest, and it took 4, yes 4, cheer offs to determine the winner, with Monster Patrol just barely edging out Monkey'n Around. Racing had Wild Thang def. Clydesdale, Gun Slinger def. Monkey'n Around, and Clydesdale def. Monster Patrol. Monster Patrol filled in for Clydesdale but fell to Monkey'n Around in the semi finals while Gun Slinger beat Wild Thang, and in the finals Gun Slinger won a close race against Monkey'n Around. All the trucks put on great freestyle performances, and in another close cheer off, Gun Slinger edged out Monkey'n Around.

On Saturday night, Monster Patrol picked up his second wheelie contest win of the weekend to start things off. Racing brackets broke down to Monster Patrol beating Clydesdale, Monkey'n Around beating Gun Slinger heads up, and Clydesdale beating Wild Thang. The semi-finals had Monkey'n Around take another big win over Monster Patrol and Wild Thang came back last minute and got past Gun Slinger. In the finals it was all Monkey'n Around over Wild Thang, Steven Hill's biggest racing win of his career on a turning course knocking off big names Hartsock, Dabney, and Brown.

Right before freestyle, the on-site EMT/ambulance had to respond to a call in the area, Whynot Motorsports Park and Southern Monster Truck Showdown officials stopped the on-track action for the safety of the fans and the competitors until another unit arrived shortly. Meanwhile Durty Dingus McGee was out there with his bag of tricks, including embarrasing the heck out of Whynot Motorsports Park track owner "Rodney" by dressing him up as Dolly Parton and having him sing.

Once a new EMT unit arrived and was trained on the proper safety percautions by SMTS officials, it was time for freestyle. And in the essence of keeping the fans entertained but also getting them home on time and out of the frigid weather, duel freestyles were run for the first time ever at an SMTS show. Monster Patrol and Wild Thang squared off with some slap wheelies and big hits, Bennett Clark got the floor to himself with some hits on the cars, and Monkey'n Around and Gun Slinger capped off the evening with some high flying hits on the cars and vans. The crowd decided the winner was Monkey'n Around for best air over the van stacks!

Pictures were taken by the Whynot Motorsports Park track photographer, once I receive the photos from him I will post them, along with the much awaited updates to the SMTS website!

I'm sure Durty Dingus will pop on here and tell a little story about what went on before some of the shows, which I do have pictures of and will post a little later on, you'll have to see it to believe it!


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WHO woulda ever thought , that when we arrived at the WHYNOT RACETRACK, in WHYNOT ( MERIDIAN MS.) we would be wearing shorts, and t-shirts, than as the temperature rapidly dropped , to wearing artic ,camo coveralls, and inultated underbritches. it got cold!
this was a contract show for the smts. which meant the race track did most of the set up , tear down , clean up , advertising etc. so this left some time to "play". saturday before the show, everyone was riding their toys , 4 wheelers etc,
around the track and surrounding area. someone got the great idea to break out dingus' driveable toys. so a carravan of us drove all types of toys ( from a mini chopper, to PONDSCUM , mini monster, truck down the hiway to the local hangout.
WHYNOT GROCERY, sore some home cooking takeout.
ya shoulda seen the looks from the bypassing vehicles , as we drove the 2 mile stretch to the store. and no one broke down! well almost no one.
not to mention any names !, but a mt driver ran a 4 wheeler out of gas!
so he called on his crew chief "BUTTCRACKJACK to get him some gas.
but on the way, hr ran out of gas also. maybe they were "monkeyin around" too dern much.
looking forward to seeing the pictures! of what goes on behind the scenes , before and after a monster truck show.
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Here's some pictures of the redneck convoy that we took down to the Sullivan's Whynot Grocery Store, the happening place in town!

I was riding one of our Outlaw ATV blue quads, Bennett Clark behind me, Crew member from Monster Patrol, SMTS announcer Donnie Bryant far right of the photo, Monkey'n Around crew chief Jack on the mini chopper, Durty Dingus in Pond Scum, and Steven Hill of Monkey'n Around on the Artic Cat.

Power wheelies on the highway, "Buttcrack Jack" at the wheel

Of all things, this contraption pulled up to the store. If this isn't a Dingus-mobile, I don't know what is. No lie, the truck attempted to leave the store but smoked and sputtered to a stop about 1/8 mile down the road.

Who's that masked man!? Legendary Bennett Clark himself with Steven Hill

All of our vehicles on the front stretch of the Whynot Motorsports Park

Hitch-hiking in Ocala Florida, myself and Donnie Bryant about to climb aboard the Dingus caravan en route to Meridian MS.

Hope you enjoyed some of the more unique behind the scenes photos from this event, it's always a good time when you are hanging out at the Southern Monster Truck Showdown.


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dingus says:
great photo's bryan. hope to see more of these ' behind the scenes pics , in the future. and stories of what goes on!


and yer callin me a redneck???????????


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Yeah there were some redneck fellas down around Whynot Mississippi I guran-told-ya!

But we should have more funny "behind the scenes" shots from the next SMTS show in Brooksville Florida on December 8th-9th, as the Saturday afternoon before the show is the annual Brooksville Christmas Parade, which Southern Monster Truck Showdown will be participating in! All the monster truck drivers will be aboard the HPI Racing Savage as they ride through town, also I'm sure Durty Dingus will have a few of his toys out there, and the Outlaw ATV racers will be riding as well.

The Brooksville show is going to be great, with the SMTS debut of Predator & Prowler! Along with Cowboy, Gun Slinger, and Monkey'n Around, plus HPI Racing Savage, Durty Dingus McGee, and "Girls Vs. Guys" Outlaw ATV racing!