so does any teams out there have 09 schedules out?


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so do any teams out there have 09 schedules out?

Guess you can consider this the official line up thread for winter 09 if ya want to. with 09 right around the corner. Do any teams have there schedule out would be willing to give some hints/teasers or the whole thing lol?

Heres the War Wizard Schedule . 8 Shows with possibility of Vegas [9] 6 stadiums and 2 arenas
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Going off of this topic a little does anyone know the drivers for the USHRA this year as far as trucks and teams will be? I am referring to like Digger and Turtle (Pablo & Basl) or the Digger & El Toro Team (last year Brown & Weenk/Baker) Thanks in advance!


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how do u know...its not posted yet? hes not there every year anyway... honestly dan is there every other thats no surprise...


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Does anyone know if Cam will have a permanent ride this year??? He was great last year in such a short time!!! I'd love to see him again!