South America- the truth must be told!!!


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Anyone you crosses the boarder south of the U.S. in the future is doing so at there own risk and deserves what every happens. Stay here and make your money.

Adam Connell

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God forbid we show a little sympathy around here once in a while instead of people trying to bury each other.

I feel terrible for the folks like Kevin who are busting their rear ends to break even in this industry, something they love, have this happen to them and then take so long and so much extra money to get it back. Regardless of who is at fault, we should be thinking of those who were directly affected the most rather than taking sarcastic jabs.

This coming from one of the most cynical, sarcastic people you will ever meet. But seriously - grow up.
Dude, I hate to tell you but Mike Fonder deserves what ever comes to him... What's sad is that he dragged others down with him. Kevin King or anyone else for that matter should NEVER be associated/compared to Mike's situation. Let me tell you a little about the man you just defended...

Busting his rear end? How about acting like a complete moron and making U.S. Citizens look like fools? I have heard HORROR stories from this South America tour about his behavior while "representing America". His irresponsible behavior even lead to a serious accident leaving one driver in the hospital with HEAD INJURIES!

Or how about this? The weekend I tried out for CFP back when I had just turned 20 (an innocent kid basically). He wrote me a VERY degrading VERY discouraging email telling me what a horrible announcer I was, and how unprofessional I was... I totally believed the email and felt horrible. Funny thing is I forwarded the email to the good folks at CFP asking if what Mike said was true, and apologized for any harm I had done, and how badly I felt. Well, as you can see I wound up taking Mike's job.

Mike Fonder,
IF YOU EVER send me another Threatening PM/Email/Call, I will come find you so you can try make good on your threats. I will continue to expose you for the person you really are. The next time you try to communicate with me, I will post it directly here.

Here's your wonderful amazing south American tour... thank God everyone escaped with their lives.

**EDIT BY CHRISTIAN**Video possibly NSFW or children as there are a couple profanities by the announcer that can be clearly heard.**/EDIT**

I wish everyone associated with this mess the best of luck. This is a horrible situation, and no one innocent deserves to lose their equipment. I feel absolutely horrible for Kirk, Steve, the FMX guys, and anyone else who got screwed in this situation.


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Adam - I think you misunderstood my post. The ones I referred to "busting their rear ends" were the guys like Kevin and Kirk who got screwed big time. I have my own opinions about the originator of this thread (which are very much alongside yours) but my post was in defense of the truck owners who got duped, be it by the promotor, some foreign mafia, or their grandparents, whoever it may be.
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I hope the guys whose equipment is down there gets back in a timely fashion so they can keep providing for the families. Whatever the politics/nastiness is, some guys need to get their equipment back and get back to doing what they love instead of worrying about losing their investment.

southern excitement

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look here guys!!! I know mike fonder isnt a good name to mention on here and like alot of other people he has treatened me and talked SH** about me in the past. he even made a post on here directly about me that was bashing me. BUT!!!!!!! he did put this trip together with the best of intentions. I was originally goin with mike on his tour , but sittuations changed and I went with Rev's tour. I knew about the trucks being lost for good a couple of weeks ago and I truely hate it for everyone involved. I personaly thank god everyday that we got our stuff back, and that nightmare is over. SO mike posted that on here just to let everyone know what was goin on. So give him a break guys. I'm not a big fan of his after his last blow up at me but this wasn't "completly" his fault. As for the tour I was on Rev Procnow had all intentions of stealing our equipment, and if I get the chance to run into him anytime soon I'm goin to make him feel the pain and stress I had to go threw for 6 months.

P.S. as for the incedent involveing a driver getting hurt that was completly an ACCIDENT!! from all the videos i have seen the other truck ran into Monster patrol because the spot ight was in his eyes and he flat out didnt see the truck. That is a prime example of why when I come out for intros I get out and wave then get back into the seat of the truck untill all the trucks have came out for thier intro then once the last truck is out and parked I climb out the window and got up on the roof.


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P.S. as for the incedent involveing a driver getting hurt that was completly an ACCIDENT!!

No matter the cause, it could have been 100% prevented had the driver been inside his truck. Dumb decision on the promoter's part. (Not bashing anyone, just pointing it out.)


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No matter the cause, it could have been 100% prevented had the driver been inside his truck. Dumb decision on the promoter's part. (Not bashing anyone, just pointing it out.)
Ive never had a promoter tell me to get out and stand on the tire. Its just common practice.

Im not taking sides between people fighting on here but I dont believe in kicking someone when they are down.


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If every other driver was already outside their truck it seems each came out one at a time, got out of the truck, and was introduced, then onto the next truck. Seems like that's how it was planned out.


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If every other driver was already outside their truck it seems each came out one at a time, got out of the truck, and was introduced, then onto the next truck. Seems like that's how it was planned out.
Wow that is new. Never seen that before. (sarcasm) Thats just the way its done. You cant point at Mike and blame him.

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Bottum line here you can kick me, spit on me or whatever you want to do. But i came here to tell the truth of what is happening to us and our equipment down in South America hoping that everyone would use caution when being approached.

Now Adam if you want to take pot shots atleast do it in a private way as half of what you are saying is untrue. All i said sir is you didnt put your best foot forward young man. I was told you would be announcing with me at the show which was cool i thought. You said a few things during the pit party and you were gone. And i mean gone you never announced the show did you. Yes you told me later that you had to go to i beleive El Paso for AMP the next day. I never said you were a horrible anoouncer now did i. I made have said that after your performance in Monroe Louisiana to a couple of monster truck drivers when you botched the national anthem and said on the P.A. **** with it il just sing it! And i got alot of witnesses's to that Adam!! I think your a great announcer from video i have seen and wish you the best of luck! But please stop trashin me unless you want to do it to my face sir!

Now Michael Harper i feel the same way, if you got something to say PLEASE come say it to my face. All you do is huff and puff and steal markets from promoters sir! End of story!!

This post is to tell the truth about the South American promoters and their ways as they all sound great, give you information that checks out positive and then turn it around and try and screw you. Just remember this all of you, we all took a chance at making good money and creating a new market to showcase monster trucks. If no one wanted to go then they shouldnt have gone. The shows we did we got paid for, heck the first contract was for six shows and we performed three shows and got paid for six! Everyone got paid, so if im such a bad guy then why did everyone get paid in full!!!!!

Go ahead and trash me if it makes you feel good as im a big boy and can take it! Thank God someone is down there trying to get our equipment back before it is confiscated and put up for sale!! Be a fact another person is on his way down tommorow to help in this matter as we try and get resolution to this mess. I am not mentioning anynames to help keep them safe and sound. An American Company with offices in Colombia is helping us beyond beleive and when this is done we will reveil him and his company as he has been a great help to us since we first arrived in South America and supports Monster Trucks in South America as the fans are great just ask anyone that has been there. Kevin King, Rob French, Mitch Taluchka, kevin Poore, Steve Hearley, James Tigue II, Darren Cox, Dustin Lewis, Tim Dyson, Dan Weeks and more! The fans of South America love the monster trucks and sell out stadiums to watch the shows. But the promoters are out to get you there and treat you great one minute and then screw you over and steal your equipment if they can!!

Yes i have learned some valueable lessons and so has everyone else involved. Dont do it unless you are paid 100% of everything upfront or sell them your equipment and get paid to operate it. It aint worth it anyother way you will get burned.

Mike Fonder


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Mr Fonder, I have a caption from a private message you sent me,

"when I find you I am going to kick your ****** teeth in"

I replied with my address, 2 1/2 years ago. The front door is unlocked.

People, this is the type of guy he is, a blow hard, that didn't know enough about where he was going, and how he was going to get there and back. Now Mr Fonder, is the front man for 5 count them 5 lost trucks.

Congrats Mr Fonder, Promoter of the Year

Might be a while till we can Rumble in the Bumble again.....

Adam Connell

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In Monroe after the anthem refused to play on my computer and a minute long delay I said "Screw it, it's not going to play, how about I just sing it". The crowd loved it and we all sang it. Nothing profane was said, and what you heard is nothing more than an exaggeration. I had family and friends at that show and they have it all on video. Monroe is where my father was born. They think it's hilarious to remind me at family gatherings about the whole thing. To this day, I have NEVER sworn on the mic, made an indecent remark, or offended anyone (other than the Toyota people, in Winatchee Washington). I am proud of that fact because I've come close, and still was able to keep my composure.

Everything I said is the whole truth and nothing but the truth... your memory must be getting foggy because I was never supposed to announce anything in Belton. I showed up to hang out with Rodney Tweedy, Ed heard I was there and insisted I said a few things on the mic. That's all I was asked to do, that's all I did.

What irritated me enough to even take the time to post my opinion about this whole situation is that YOU were supposed to be the responsible party for making sure that what happened did not happen. YOU are the only one to blame for these people's equipment being stolen. Without YOU there would have been no South American tour. But here you shamelessly sit like a begging dog under the dinner table looking for a scrap of pity from the same people who you've screwed, harassed, and falsely represented. Well Im here to tell you to accept the fact that YOU brought this on yourself and unfortunately dragged all of these other people with you... As long as you're blaming others for your poor decisions, you'll get no scraps here. It's your responsibility to get everyone's stuff back. That's the responsibility a man takes on when he starts calling himself a promotion company. Get off the internet and go down to Columbia and get these people's lives back.


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Not getting on any side, on this. I have my own opinions, but, not interested in stirring the pot.

I spoke with the guy who owns (or did own Sin City) and he was a h*ck of a nice guy. Kirk's monster Patrol is such a nice piece. Such a waste to see those trucks possibly being stolen away.

Just wreaks of what happened to BF in Brazil