Steve Simms vs. Jon Zimmer

Steve Simms vs. Jon Zimmer

  • Steve Simms

    Votes: 34 43.0%
  • Jon Zimmer

    Votes: 45 57.0%

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Danny H.

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Alright, I've been thinking about this since Vegas, which in my opinion is the better of the two drivers, Jon Zimmer or Steve Simms? Both of them are big rising names in the monster truck industry and both have risen fast. I'll disregard Simms some because of the new chassis. This is no way to downgrade Simms or Zimmer, I think they're two of the best right now. I honestly just want to see what other members think.


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Zimmer is a great racer and Sims is a Great freestyler. Hard choice here, there both great drivers, and great guys to talk to.


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I know its not a choice (I voted for Simms in the poll tho), but id have to go with Donald Epidendio. That guy will be huge if he gets a chance in Monster Jam in 2012.


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I voted for Zimmer, just to vote. But I really didn't know who to vote for. Both are deserving of Vegas births (as we've seen) and they do great things with a budget. They can both race with the best of em', but it takes a talented driver to freestyle the way they do while running independent. I wish I got to see more of them live in person. To add, they are both great guys to talk to... they've never pushed me away, always down to talk and give the fans time.


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I had the chance to meet both of them and seen them run in person. Both of them are very, very nice guys and fun to talk to. Both can race and beat anyone any where, any time and both of them can put on some awesome freestyle runs. Hard to choose but if I had to choose one, I would choose Zimmer only because he's a local guy and is from not to far from where I live hahaa.

Jordan Robson

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Zimmer is one of the top 10, maybe even 5 best drivers in the industry right now. Sims is a **** of a driver himself, but I'd personally take Zimmer.

The man is a beast behind the wheel. Freestyle or Racing.


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simms. maybe i'm biased because i've met him and seen him drive in person before, but i really like the look of his truck, and driving style.

migues is climbing up the charts imo, just to add.


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Zimmer FTW.
Great guy, great truck, great driver.
Nothing against Simms, I think Jon has the edge because his racing skills are more refined.
Or maybe its because I have an autographed Shock Therapy bumper and starter ring!


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i have never seen zimmer live but to see simms tear up wildwood like he has....i hope they have him come back this year

RnW 13

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so is this considered the Simm Zimm Challenge?

according to Feld, both drivers are World Finals material. However, I haven't seen enough of both to make a more accurate judgement.